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Little Mix’s 4th album is upon us and boy haven’t these 4 ladies come far. Nearly 5 years after they became the first group to win the X Factor, Little Mix have shed the ‘winners curse’ of the X Factor and become one of the biggest music acts in the world. Now with the album’s lead single ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ reaching #1 in the UK with the highest first-week sales since Adele’s ‘Hello’ (how crazy!), all eyes are on the girls with the release of their new album ‘Glory Days’.

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  1. Shoutout To My Ex – 8/10

The album’s first song and lead single opens the album out with a bang. With catchy verses, a powerhouse pop chorus and a message everyone can relate to. ‘Shoutout To My Ex’ is the perfect spin on the cliché song about an ex-partner with a happy, positive vibe. Grab your t-shirts, swing them around your head and sing this song loud!

2. Touch – 10/10

One of the best songs from the album, from this year, from a girl group, period. With incredible production from MNEK, ‘Touch’ is the perfect pop come club song that is sure to become another huge hit for Little Mix. ‘Touch’ is one of the standouts from the album and needs to be a single (I’m looking at you Simon Cowell). I can already picture the live performances of it now… Shivers!

3. F.U – 7/10

‘F.U’ is the first slow jam of the album. With incredible vocals from all 4 girls, the song’s message of ‘A B C D E… FU’ is very clear. With clear influence from the 50’s and recent songs from the likes of Rihanna (Love On The Brain), ‘F.U’ is a more mature Little Mix something that is a common theme throughout this album. Also, did I mention the vocals are insane? Yes, okay.

4. Oops (ft Charlie Puth) 7/10

Carrying on F.U’s swinging theme, ‘Oops’ is a very flirty track that has an apparent 50’s influence. (With the feature of Charlie Puth it was quite obvious anyway!) It’s not my favourite from the album but I can appreciate the more flirty vibe from the song.

5. You Gotta Not – 5/10

‘You Gotta Not’ is courtesy of Meghan Trainor which is very apparent from the sassy choruses and big chorus. However the random key change, lacklustre lyrics bring the song down a little bit. The song’s saving grace is that huge chorus and the incredible vocals from the girls.

6. Down & Dirty – 7/10

‘Down & Dirty’ is a huge turning point in the album, with vigorous production, rap-like verses and a trap beat drop. Down & Dirty’s sound is something we haven’t heard from Little Mix and they rock it like they’ve been creating these songs since 2011. Very very club-ready.

7. Power – 9/10

‘Power’ carries on the sound from ‘Down & Dirty’ with a chorus that is so hard-hitting, rap-like verses (again!) and production that is sure to shock the most loyal Little Mix fan. ‘Power’ is a stadium ready song, that i’m sure will become a fan favourite!

8. Your Love – 8/10

With a happier tone than the previous two songs, ‘Your Love’ is a pretty pop song that is sure to uplift you from any somber mood you are in. ‘Your Love’ is the perfect summer song come 2017 and I’m sure would be a perfect single around that time.

9. Nobody Like You – 9/10

‘Nobody Like You’ may just be my favourite Little Mix ballad and we all know how great they are at doing them. ‘Nobody Like You’ is so raw and vulnerable with the subtle production letting the girls heartbreakingly good vocals take the forefront. It’s sure to be a tearjerker for anyone who’s heart has been broken.

10. No More Sad Songs – 10/10

‘No More Sad Songs’ is placed perfectly after a sad song and also at number 10 as it’s 10/10. Pure. Pop. Perfection. ‘No More Sad Songs’ is the perfect example of Little Mix’s growth and vision for themselves. This is the song that could FINALLY break them stateside (let’s hope the Ariana tour helps too)!

11. Private Show –  8/10

Another more mature song from Little Mix, with them telling their significant other that they want to go home and put on a private show. It’s very sexy and is reminiscent of 00’s Xtina.. which by all accounts is bloody good.

12. Nothing Else Matters – 6/10

A decent track with a great hook, however compared to some other tracks on the album it’s pretty meh.

13. Beep – 7/10

‘Beep’ is very flirty, swapping a very inappropriate word with Beep to still be able to access their younger audience is very clever of them. Very Get Weird-ish, it’s not my favourite but it’s not bad by any means.

14. Freak – 8/10

‘Freak’ follows the same theme of ‘Beep’ yet this time they’re more open with the sexual theme. Freak’s production is very hard hitting and at times messy, yet that somehow adds to the nature of ‘Freak’. With the production, the lyrics and vocals being freakish in performance.

15 – Touch (Acoustic) – 9/10

One of the best produced songs on the album is stripped back to showcase how a songs production can alter the perception of it. With the acoustic of ‘Touch’ showing how the lyrics are a lot more romantic with a minimal production behind it. Just awesome.

In Conclusion

Little Mix simply are just bloody great. This album is their best album. It’s pop, it’s daring, it’s ready for radio, ready for clubs, ready for that broken hearted teenager to gain their confidence back. It’s mature yet doesn’t leap away from what Little Mix have created as a brand. It’s loud yet melodic. It’s colourful yet black and white in it’s message. It’s Little Mix in their ‘Glory Days’ celebrating what they’ve accomplished both professionally and personally.

Buy the album and support Little Mix here now.

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