Liam has been talking about his collab with Zedd and it’s gonna be our song of the summer!


We’re not even over ‘Strip That Down‘ yet and Payno’s already gearing up to drop a new single – and we are so damn ready.

If you’re glued to social media, you’ll probably know that Liam Payne and Zedd are currently working on a collab. The Payne Train has also been spilling a little bit of information just to tease us – couldja not, Liam?! We want it NOW.

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Speaking to Vogue at his first ever Armani fashion show, Liam tipped us off with a bit of info about the upcoming release…

“I can’t announce [the single name] because it’s Zedd’s single. But if you look around, there have been moments where we have accidentally dropped the ball. So, it’s out there, somewhere. But I really love it. In Zedd’s words it’s the catchiest song he’s ever made . . . I’m usually very laid back about things but this one is really exciting.”

So, you mean we have to do some A+ detective work to find the leaked name?! Ugh, fine. If we must.

Liam’s also been at his first Giorgio Armani fashion show recently and it seems that he’s quite the fashionista.

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“I thought a lot of suits were great and there was that one signature trench coat that everybody was eyeing up. That’s gonna be the be the biggest seller, I reckon. But there was also this kind of cotton jacket I really enjoyed, a bit faded. ”

Could we see him creating a rival collection against Zayn someday? Either way, we’d buy both.

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