Liam Payne takes New York City and debuts new song

Liam Payne took the stage at New York City's historic Beacon Theatre in his first-ever headlining show.


Liam Payne took the stage at New York City’s Beacon Theatre this past Wednesday in his first-ever headlining show — and we were blessed to be a part of it.

The room was jam-packed with enthusiastic fans, making it hard to believe that this was actually Payne’s first-ever headlining show as a solo act.

Liam kicked the show off with his chart-topping singles, ‘Bedroom Floor’ and ‘Get Low’. He then proceeded to cover favorites such as ‘Attention’ and ‘The Middle’ by his buddies Charlie Puth and Zedd. He followed those high-energy bops with Pink’s ‘What About Us’, the perfect song for his exceptionally strong vocal abilities.

As if the crowd wasn’t fired up enough already, Liam cracked open the One Direction classics (and we cracked open our tear ducts). Suddenly, the screen at the back of the stage was rolling the ‘History’ music video, and Liam’s radiant smile and the fans’ teary ones were evidence enough: We’re the greatest team that the world has ever seen.

Before we could think we were sufficiently surprised, Liam had more in store for us. Without revealing too much, he had the crowd grooving to a new R&B-influenced tune, ‘Tell Your Friends’. Of his album, Liam only said that it’ll be out “soon.”

Liam also performed a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ before wrapping the show up with his latest release, ‘Familiar’, and his biggest single yet, ‘Strip That Down’.

Liam put on an incredible show, and with energy that surrounded him it was impossible to tell that the man doesn’t even have an album out yet! A special shout-out to his wonderful dancers, who were all women of colour and genuinely enjoyed Liam’s music. Liam was just as excited to pull some of his own moves in sync with them.

Liam was in absolute awe throughout and thanked us repeatedly for coming out just to see him. Thank you for having us Liam, we had the time of our life!

Head over to our Instagram and check out our videos from the show! (Great videos since we snagged a good spot!)

Featured Image Source: Katia Temkin

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