Lennon Stella is glowing in new single Fancy

Both figuratively and literally.


Lennon Stella is back with a new single ‘Fancy’. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since the release of her highly-anticipated debut album Three. Two. One. but what even is time anymore?

Coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic, it meant that the tour she had planned for last summer was never able to go ahead. Perhaps that’s why it feels strange, but despite that, it’s super exciting to be kicking off a brand new era.

We can’t think of a better song to start this new chapter with than ‘Fancy’. The catchy pop song highlights Lennon’s dreamy vocals, set upon a synth production that feels like it transcends into another dimension entirely.

The lyrics include “Oh I hear sex and candy / Oh I could keep on dancing / Oh let’s go somewhere fancy / Where we can keep on dancing,” which references 1997’s ‘Sex and Candy’ by alternative rock band Marcy Playground.

In a statement, Lennon said, “I’m so amped to have ‘Fancy’ out and floating around — both the video and the song, I wrote it earlier this year with Malay and Simon Wilcox, two of my very favourite people; I was smiling ear to ear singing ‘I’m feeling that high vibration’ in the vocal booth, so I hope everyone feels the high vibrations and loves the song like we do.”

The accompanying music video sees Lennon let loose as she dances freely around an isolated desert at night. She’s glowing (both figuratively and literally) as the psychedelic video features kaleidoscopic visuals throughout.

Buy and stream ‘Fancy’ now by clicking here.

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