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Lady Gaga is currently headlining at Coachella this weekend and has just dropped a huge new track titled ‘The Cure’ during her set which has left Gaga fans speechless (no pun intended).

The pop legend was performing at the headline slot doing some of her huge tracks such as ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Born This Way’, and ‘Poker Face’, along with some hidden album gems like ‘Venus’, and ‘Sex Dreams’. However out of the blue came ‘The Cure’ a brand new single which has never been performed or released. After she performed the track she revealed it will be a single.

And, it’s out now.

Lady Gaga The Cure
The artwork for The Cure

The track is produced by Gaga herself, along with Nick Monson and Detroit City. The single whilst a surprise, is not totally unexpected as it’s rumoured for some time that Gaga is planning on dropping an extension to her ‘Joanne’ album in the form of an EP any time soon. This looks like it could be the start of that.

You can listen to the brand new Lady Gaga single below:

Listen to ‘The Cure’ below:

If you haven’t yet got a chance to catch up with Gaga’s Coachella setlist, we’ve got you covered with the full list of tracks that she performed below:

1. Scheibe
2. LoveGame
3. John Wayne
4. Just Dance
5. Born This Way
6. Venus
7. A-Yo
8. Sex Dreams
9. Telephone
10. Alejandro
11. Teeth
12. The Cure
13. The Edge of Glory
14. Speechless
15. Bad Romance
16. You and I
17. Million Reasons
18. Applause
19. Poker Face
20. Bad Romance

Get ‘The Cure’ on iTunes now in the US and the UK.

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