What on Earth does ‘UDSM’ mean? Allow KLOE to explain all…


Follow the release of her debut EP ‘Teenage Craze’ earlier this year, KLOE has being making waves with critics including Fader, Nylon, Clash, Shortlist, and Wonderland, amongst others all singing her praises.

Now, the Glaswegian teenage singing sensation is back with a brand new single, and we absolutely love it.

The track is called ‘UDSM’ and it stands for ‘You Don’t See Me’. The video for the single emulates a real life scenario that KLOE experienced when she was 18 and all the drama that surrounded that time in her life.

And if you can’t get enough of KLOE and ‘UDSM’ (she does like her capitalisation, doesn’t she?) then fear not, because part two of this visual narrative will be coming in just a few weeks’ time!

KLOE says of the track: “I am so proud to present Part 1 of my 2 part video story, UDSM. I wrote the song at the tail end of last year after being humiliated by a boy in a bar in Camden. I had just begun to go out in London and was experiencing chaotic city life for the first time. I was 18, new to the industry and full of wonder. So after he kissed some girl, without a second thought, I ran out of the bar and walked around Camden alone crying my eyes out. All I wanted to do was get absolutely obliterated. I wanted to show people – the vulnerable, naive side of me.”

If that’s tickled your fancy then make sure you check out KLOE when she appears at these upcoming festivals this summer:

Sunday 24th July – Secret Garden Party

Friday 29th July – Y NOT Festival

Saturday 30th July – Kendall Calling

Saturday 13th August – Boardmasters Festival

Sunday 14th August – Down to the Woods

Friday 2nd September – Bingley Music Live

Sunday 4th September – Festival No. 6

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