Kesha sticks up for the outcasts in new song Hymn


‘Hymn’ is the fourth song to be released from Kesha’s fourth album, ‘Rainbow’ and it  has become an anthem for anyone who doesn’t quite fit in with the crowd. Penning an essay to go along with the track, Kesha describes the process of writing the lyrics and why she wrote them, saying, “I love the idea of people with similar philosophies being brought together, and that was one of the inspirations for this song.”

Writing exclusively with her mother, Pebe Sebert, Cara Salimando, Jonny Price and Ricky Reed; Kesha has created a galactic, space-like jam. There’s no denying that Kesha has been through quite a lot with the highly publicised lawsuit against her former music producer, Dr. Luke, that has been ongoing over the past few years.

With the upcoming release of her fourth full-length album ‘Rainbow’ which debuts on August 11th, Kesha is taking a more positive approach to her journey. Her previous releases from her LP ‘Praying‘ ‘Woman‘ and ‘Learn to Let Go‘ have showcased a deeper and insightful side to Kesha’s musical talent.

‘Hymn’ delivers a strong message along with Kesha’s own personal struggles. She adds that the track centers on the significant issues affecting society today and the importance of standing up for others,  saying, “I personally will never stop fighting for equality for all humans. That is the passion behind this song. This song is dedicated to all the idealistic people around the world who refuse to turn their backs on progress, love and equality whenever they are challenged.”

Kesha’s new album ‘Rainbow’ will be released on August 11th. 

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