How I feel about Josh Devine’s new band announcement


Happy New Year everyone! It’s officially 2017 and I’m ready for what’s hopefully going to be an amazing year of new filmsnew music and new experiences. So – on January 1st I was casually scrolling through my Twitter timeline when I saw this tweet hinting at One Direction’s former drummer  Josh Devine’s new band.

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What could it be? I thought to myself. I know Josh has been spending a lot of time in LA from his Snapchats (not that I’m stalking him or anything).

Although a 1D related announcement seemed hopeful, I knew that it would be unlikely. 2017 will be full of their solo-related stuff, what with Harry’s ‘Dunkirk‘ movie, Niall‘s solo album, Louis‘ solo stuff, and our long awaited solo release from Liam.

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Two hours passed, and then we were all put out of our misery. Josh Devine announced… HE’S IN A NEW BAND!

Naturally, people responded to the tweet, and the reactions have been mixed.

The bad reactions

It looks as though some Directioners took this pretty hard, some predicting that the band Evaride had flopped before they’d even started (harsh!). Others had a more extreme view. One Twitter user tweeted “…lower me into my grave so you can let me down one last time.” Um, okay! When words failed, others expressed their opinion in gif form.

The good reactions

I was able to find a few. Most expressed excitement and wished him luck. Overall, Josh seemed pretty happy with the response and took to his Twitter to thank his supporting fans.

My reaction

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The boys are going off and doing their own thing, so why can’t Josh? He’s an amazing drummer and a very talented guy. He needs to continue doing his thing, and if that means joining another band, then so be it. Will it mean that we’ll also expect a similar announcement from Sandy Beales? Who knows? 1D’s hiatus could go on for longer than we all want or think (*sob*).

Let’s face it, if they’re anything like the Scissor Sisters – they’ve been on a hiatus for 4 years! We can’t expect Josh to sit there waiting for the boys to come back. People move on. This doesn’t mean that when 1D do come back that Josh won’t join them. His bio still says “One Direction Drummer” (although he had deleted it initially, which caused an even bigger meltdown). So let’s all calm the hell down and support him in this new venture. Good luck Josh!


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