Jesy Nelson & Jake Roche have been in the studio together! Here are 5 couples who have made sweet music together


Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson and Rixton’s Jake Roche have taken it a whole step further in their relationship – with music. Jesy posted a snap on Instagram with Jake in the studio working on LM4, which is a pretty big indicator that the couple have joined forces in making music for Little Mix’s fourth album which is currently in progress. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think something beautiful is going to come of this collaboration.

Finishing touches 💁🏻 @jake_rixton @danbartlett #album4

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Of course, Jakesy aren’t the first couple to mix business with pleasure as many artists who have been romantically involved have collaborated together. Here are five couples who stepped into the studio together to make love with music.

1.Beyonce and Jay-Z

Music’s most popular husband and wife have worked on tracks together a few times, but of course the most popular track to come from Mr and Mrs Carter is ‘Crazy in Love’, which is exactly what the pair seem to be, even after the story told in Bey’s recent ‘Lemonade’.

2.Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes

Possibly one of the cutest couples to come out of pop. ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ is still a song I can never get enough of and the former couple have recently worked together again with Ariana featuring on Nathan’s ‘Over and Over Again’. GET BACK TOGETHER, PLEASE.

3.Rita Ora and Calvin Harris

Once upon a time, Rita and Calvin were indeed an item and decided to proclaim their love by working together on Rita’s ‘I Will Never Let You Down’. More proof that love can really make sweet, sweet music.

4.Taylor Swift and John Mayer

Tay Tay and Mr Mayer are another couple who stepped foot into the recording booth and developed this sad country love song that gets to me every time I hear it. Love can hurt and so does this song.

5.Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Back in their days of Disney, Demi and Joe were cast as the leading couple in DCOM ‘Camp Rock’. Of course, they were also one of the leading couples of Disney IRL and this beautiful pop duet took the world by storm, igniting the admiration of Jemi shippers everywhere.


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