Yumi Zouma will change everything you ever knew about electro-pop

Listen to the band that's making waves in New Zealand.


The perfect addition to your music library this fall season is electro-pop indie band Yumi Zouma. Hailing from New Zealand, the group released their second album ‘Willowbank’ October 6th—a humbling piece of work containing nostalgic sounds and enchanting lyrics.

Band members Christie Simpson, Charlie Ryder, Sam Perry and Josh Burgess formed Yumi Zouma in 2013 and soon released their first EP in 2014 shortly after being signed to independent record label Cascine. Their track ‘The Brae’ became an instant viral favorite with its reminiscent vibes of a cool summer’s day, perfect for driving with the windows down on an impromptu road trip.

In 2016 the band released their debut album ‘Yoncalla’, setting the bar for their future in music and making a permanent mark in the electro-pop genre. Songs like ‘Barricade (Matter Of Fact)’ and ‘Yesterday‘ helped give them their signature sound: a chilled-out disco crossover.

‘Willowbank’ is the band’s sophomore album, which is usually a test to the longevity of any artist’s career. Recorded in the group’s native country of New Zealand, the LP allowed Yumi Zouma to explore their roots and create something in the comfort of their homeland.

Lead singer Christie Simpson shows off her haunting but dreamy voice in each song, making the album that much more alluring. Many tracks from ‘Willowbank’ really resonate with fans—like ‘December,’ ‘Depths (Pt. I)’ and ‘Half Hour.’

Currently on tour, Yumi Zouma have just wrapped up their journey through Europe and are now embarking on their North American leg until the end of October.


With a dream-pop aesthetic, the quartet is something a bit different in a sea of the same type of bands. Whether you’re looking for music that relaxes you on a stressful day or a tune that’ll make you want to dance, Yumi Zouma is the band you should pay attention to.

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Listen to their sophomore album ‘Willowbank’ here.

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