The UMA is your latest pop-punk addiction

Watch the new music video for their single "Wake Up."


If you’re looking for a pop-rock band to soothe your soul during quarantine season, The UMA is just what you need. The quartet just released their new music video for their latest single “Wake Up” — an uplifting high-energy track meant to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. They describe the song as “a song for any moment. Whether you’re sad, happy, angry, confused, or just having a moment, it lifts and separates you from everything that’s going on around you. Lyrically, the songs just one big emotional juxtaposition and we’ve tried to capture that throughout the video.”

The lyrics to “Wake Up” go hand in hand with the accompanying video. The band is seen against a vivid pink backdrop while various objects are thrown their way including cake. It symbolizes the push and pull of life but also the dramatic twists and turns we endure.

The UMA consists of Phil Marsh, Dan Jones, and Ben Degg. The three friends shared an ever-growing love for music and eventually became the band they’ve always wanted to be. Through their hard work, passion for songwriting, and dedication to creating music, they’ve earned their spot on the list of artists to keep an eye on.

“Wake Up” is the follow-up single to “Working for It” — a haunting rock track that sets the tone for their ultimate pop-punk attitude. The UMA’s sound is reminiscent of popular bands like All Time Low, All-American Rejects, and 5 Seconds of Summer. While they thrive off these bands’ same genre style, the three-piece maintains originality through their hopeful lyrics and dance-heavy guitar riffs.

With their recent record and other live performances hopefully on the horizon, The UMA is definitely a perfect addition to your summer playlist.

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