SM Entertainment announces new boy group RIIZE

RIIZE will debut very very soon..


SM Entertainment has introduced a new upcoming boy group that will make their debut very soon. This September the new boy group RIIZE will debut under SM Entertainment’s company. It’s the first time in seven years that SM will introduce a new boy group into the world after the debut of NCT.

After releasing the groups Instagram account do we immediately know who the members in the group are! The seven members SHOTARO, EUNSEOK, SUNGCHAN, WONBIN, SEUNGHAN, SOHEE, and ANTON will show very soon why they belong in the spotlights. All seven members have their unique and powerful talent, and with their unique characteristics and strengths will RIIZE bring something new in the K-pop industry. With their ’emotional pop’ sound will RIIZE be an inspiration for many! The group name RIIZE is a combination of two words, – “rise,” symbolising growth, and “realize” representing achievements – which together encapsulate the idea of a team that grows as one while achieving their dreams.

We can’t wait for RIIZE their debut! On September 4 the group will debut with their first album “Get A Guitar – The 1st Single Album. – Is it September already?!

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