Rising star Francis Karel drops Small Talk from his debut EP

Francis Karel is THE upcoming star of 2022


Need a new amazing artist for your playlist? – say no more! TikTok sensation Francis Karel dropped his new single ‘Small Talk’ from his upcoming debut EP Handle With Care which will be out on August 26 this year.

Francis Karel, who’s born and raised in Jakarta, wrote his first song when he was 12. Soon he started to make a big step for his career: moving to America to study music in Los Angeles, and with success. Francis is an absolute TikTok sensation with 2.3 million followers and 28.2 million likes! – the definition of a rising star. He also gets followed by stars like Meghan Trainor and Bebe Rexha. Following up by the fact that he recently completed his first tour as support act for Andy Grammar.

His new single ”Small Talk” is definitely a song that’s meant to be therapeutic, with the sound of a slow ballad what grows to a big end of the song. ”Every good thing ends, we just don’t know when” as Francis sings in his song. “A good thing can end and still be a good, regardless of how long or short it existed in your life.” This is also exactly how he feels with making music. “I didn’t realize it at first, but a lot of the songs I’ve written have been very therapeutic for me to listen back to. It’s like each song is a part of the process of closing chapters. I think it’s because of how I allow myself to feel in the songs compared to how I tend to neglect them in reality.” The singer-songwriter is definitely one of a kind,

You can listen to ”Small Talk” here.

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