7 reasons why you need to be a fan of The Aces

The electric girl group have given us plenty of reasons to be their biggest fans.


Dynamic girl band The Aces, who we interviewed recently, just released their debut album ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’. It’s full of feel-good and classic pop-rock jams with hints of 80s and 90s vibes.

The band have successfully converted us into dedicated fans, and in honor of the thrilling release of their first LP, we’re listing all the reasons why you should support these super cool ladies.

1. They’re best friends

Over 10 years ago in Provo, Utah, members (and sisters) Cristal and Alisa Ramirez started the band along with their best friends McKenna Petty and Katie Henderson.

The quartet has been playing gigs together since high school, allowing them to form a strong bond and explore their musical abilities together. In celebration of the release of their brand new album, the BFFs posted this adorable throwback photo on their official Instagram account.


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2. Lorde inspired them to get serious about music

After watching Lorde win two Grammy awards in 2014 for her smash hit ‘Royals’, the girls were determined to make their music a game-changer.

“It was this moment of, ‘We have to take this seriously,'” says Cristal in an interview with Billboard. Six months after releasing their single ‘Stuck’, they were signed to Red Bull Records (and Lorde’s manager coincidentally wanted to represent them).

3. Fans have been getting tattoos dedicated to them

A tattoo is for life, and the act of putting something on your body permanently is a big commitment. Loyal fans have been getting ink inspired by the foursome’s lyrics, and that’s grounds enough to consider how fan-worthy these ladies must be.


4. They all have different music tastes

Unlike some of the usual manufactured pop groups, the members of The Aces each have their own favorite type of sound. While Cristal and Alisa grew up bopping to Michael Jackson and Earth Wind and Fire, Katie loved The Beatles and Weezer. McKenna rocked out to Depeche Mode and New Order. Meshing all these diverse tastes into one makes for a one-of-a-kind record.

5. They weren’t always called The Aces

Back when they first began the band, the girls hilariously dubbed themselves The Rock-On Pigeons. Since they were eight years old, we’ll give them a pass on this ridiculously funny name — although we can’t help but wonder how far they would’ve gotten with a title like that.

6. They all play their own instruments.

It’s not very often you find a band consisting of all women playing instruments at the forefront of the music scene. Katie and Cristal take the lead with their vocals and on guitar as well. McKenna shows off her talent on bass while Alisa rocks out on the drums.

7. They’re not like other girl bands.

The quartet has been very vocal about the stigma surrounding “girl bands.”

“I find it interesting when people come up to us and say, ‘I don’t usually like girl bands,'” says Katie. “We’re like, ‘Girl bands aren’t a genre of music! We don’t all play the same thing!'”

It’s refreshing to watch an all-girl group make waves in this day and age, especially during a time where #MeToo and #TimesUp are so relevant. In their music video for ‘Physical’, the girls showcase a gritty, realistic side of what girl bands are really like—it’s nothing like the over-sexualized image portrayed in the media.

While they give us a more playful side, Cristal touches on what it means to them to be role models for other women, saying, “We’ve also had a lot of girls come up to us at shows and be like, ‘It’s so bad-ass what you’re doing. Me and my friend want to start a band’…That’s really flattering.”

The desire for female-fronted bands has to be strong to keep lifting up groups like The Aces. These ladies help inspire even the youngest of girls to become the tenacious, fearless women we need in the world.

Listen to The Aces’ debut album ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’ on Spotify.

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