Meet the members of the new boyband sensation PRETTYMUCH

Austin, Brandon, Edwin, Nick, and Zion are sure to win you over


It’s clear that everyone has been mourning the loss of One Direction since they made the decision to go on hiatus back in 2016, but Simon Cowell is on the case with an attempt to fill the void. PRETTYMUCH is Cowell’s latest discovery, and they’re already taking the music world by storm.

Up until last year, the five lads were attempting solo careers until Cowell merged them together with the hope of creating the next big boy band (sound familiar?). The band features Austin Porter (19), Brandon Arreaga (17), Edwin Honoret (18), Nick Mara (19) and Zion Kuwonu (18); four from the US and one from Canada.

Austin Porter

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Snapchat: theaustinporter

prettymuch band members austin porter
Image Source: Instagram

Interests: Drawing, skateboarding, finger boarding, surfing, hiking, playing guitar, piano and messing around on the drums (via Facebook)

Grew up in: North Carolina

Birthday 14, 1997

Brandon Arreaga

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Snapchat: brandon_arreaga

prettymuch band members brandon arreaga
Image Source: Instagram

Interests: Singing, songwriting, dancing, producing (via Instagram)

Grew up in: Dallas, TX

Birthday 14, 1999

Edwin Honoret

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Snapchat: edwinhonoret

prettymuch band members edwin honoret
Image Source: Instagram

Interests: Singing, dancing (via Facebook)

Grew up in: Bronx, NY

Birthday 12, 1999

Nick Mara

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Snapchat: thenickmara

prettymuch band members nick mara
Image Source: Instagram

Interests: Dancing, singing, and acting (via Facebook)

Grew up in: Englishtown, NJ

Birthday 8, 1997

Zion Kuwonu

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Snapchat: zionkuwonu

prettymuch band members zion kuwonu
Image Source: Instagram

Interests: Singing, dancing

Grew up in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Birthday 29, 1999

Their latest single, ‘Would You Mind’, was written by hit songwriter Savan Kotecha, responsible for some of the biggest pop songs in the last five years from the likes of One Direction, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd. The band has already been causing a stir in the land of music, after reaching the top 10 on Spotify’s Viral 50 and being selected by Apple Music for their Artist Of The Week.

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So what can we expect from them? They’re set to make their debut performance at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards on August 13th which will be aired on Fox at 8PM from the University of Southern California’s Galen Centre. They will also be playing alongside Louis Tomlinson who will be performing his new single ‘Back To You’, so this is not to be missed.

Keep your eyes on these boys as they look like they’re set for big things. Let us know what you think of the new single in the comments section below.

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