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Winter is upon us and so are the slow pop jams. There hasn’t been any shortage of great music lately especially for the month of October. Like always, we’ve created the best list of latest tracks we’ve been addicted to. These artists are a must-listen and ones to look out for in the near future.

“Look At Me Now” – Caroline Polachek

Caroline Polachek is mostly known as the frontwoman of synth-pop band Chairlift, her magnetic voice helped propel their hit 2008 track “Bruises” to the top of the charts. Over the years, she’s released a handful of solo projects with her most recent album Pang in 2019. The LP’s latest single “Look At Me Now” is a standout—emotional, reflective, and daringly unique. Caroline looks back on her old self, yearning to grow but unaware of how to achieve those long-lost dreams. The singer’s haunting vocals reverberate alongside echoey guitar strings and shimmering slow synth beats. “Look At Me Now” is a song for deep self-reflection and initiating inner change.

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“Mean It” – Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams’ debut single “Mean It” is a songwriter’s dream. The social media maven exposes her weaknesses, unveiling the aftermath of a broken relationship. “Maybe that thing you said under your breath/You mean it/I know you mean it,” Gracie longingly sings, wispy vocals easily fitting alongside emotional piano notes. It differs from the usual upbeat pop, the kind that causes us to dance away our brokenness. She basks in the hurt, embracing it with beautiful lyricism. “Mean It” showcases a singer-songwriter in the making—Gracie is unafraid of the raw reality behind true lyrics, unguarding herself for the deepest authenticity possible.

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“You Get So Alone Sometimes” – HOAX

New York natives Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar make up the indie-pop duo HOAX. Their recent single is aptly titled “You Get So Alone Sometimes”—its lyrics reaching out to the desperate hearts. It delves into Raj’s struggle with depression, a searing account of isolation and inner battles. Despite its heavy subject matter, the track’s uplifting beat and the artist’s raspy vocals suggest a happy ending. Ultimately, the song emphasizes the normality of being lonely. “I started thinking of it as the empathy of loneliness. It’s like a feeling of understanding what it means to be lonely and being okay with it,” Raj says. “We feel alone because we know what it feels like to feel together with others. One cannot exist without the other.”

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“Daydreaming” – HANA2K

In her latest single “Daydreaming,” HANA2K brings elements of bubbly pop, reminiscent of artists like Sigrid and Mallrat. The 19-year-old’s dreamy vocals take us for a ride—it’s wistful and delirious laced with teenage longing.  The U.K. native is one of the many young Gen Z standouts—even the “2K” in her stage name references to her birth year of 2000. In her early adolescence, she realized her desire to become a singer. “When I was 12, I sat my mum and dad down for a serious chat,” the rising star recalls. “I said, ‘It’s fine, I’m ready to leave school now, I know what I want to do. I’m going to be a singer.'”

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“BATSHiT” – Girl Wilde

Girl Wilde is the pop-rockstar we need. After the release of her debut EP Probably Crying, it’s evident the singer’s style is unmatched. The consistent sound making up her latest tracks defy the norm especially in the standout “BATSHiT.” The rebellion and attitude Girl Wilde showcases throughout her image comes together like an anger-filled masterpiece. Just like Probably Crying‘s other tracks, “BATSHiT” features her vulnerability despite its uptempo nature. The up-and-coming artist embraces her insecurities, quells her doubts, and surges on with reckless abandon.

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“Long Way Home” – Wesley

Wesley (aka Anthony Anderson) is pop personified. “Long Way Home” is his latest track—its addicting rhythms reminiscent of artists like Troye Sivan and Lauv. The Minnesota native moved to Los Angeles in 2014 longing to pursue a music career. “Long Way Home” tells the story of his huge life change and taking the leap to achieve his dreams. “You really never know what will come of it,” Wesley says about the experience. “I think it’s a testament to words in the songs, the people I’ve been able to work with and meet that if you just take a chance you might surprise yourself.”

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“think of me” – VÉRITÉ

VÉRITÉ is serving up a fresh dose of clarity in her new single “think of me.” She adequately sings what we’re all thinking when our ex moves on—the lyrics full of vengeance and karma. While the words take on a more explicit significance, it’s the perfect breakup anthem to blast when that broken heart is overpowering. VÉRITÉ’s attitude instils a sense of bravery in listeners—her voice doused in certainty backed up with an array of catchy hooks. “I hope you love her with the lights low/And think of me,” she croons confidently with an edge that leaves us feeling empowered. The singer’s second album new skin is out now.

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“In My Head” – Samuel Jack

Samuel Jack’s newest single addresses the heartwrenching topic of mental health. Aptly titled “In My Head,” the track unveils a very personal account of the artist’s own struggles. Samuel’s road to stardom holds many similarities to other rising sing-songwriters’ journeys—the pressures of everyday life along with funding his dreams to become a successful artist launched him into an emotional tailspin. “In My Head” is rawly intertwined among realistic feelings many individuals battling mental illness endure. He croons about the hopes and regrets that plague his mind when finally overcoming the darkest moments.

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“Bleedin” – Elle Yaya

Sassy and sultry are the words to describe Elle Yaya’s recent track “Bleedin.” She shows off killer pipes, raspy and warm fitting snugly in an R&B beat. While “Bleedin” is dance-inducing, its meaning holds great weight. Elle reveals the inner battles she dealt with, resulting in the song’s title. “I lived in fear, a prisoner to my self-hatred. I kept up appearances, I tried to prove I was interesting, prove that I could drink you under the table, prove that I was fun, prove it through drugs, prove that I was untouchable, prove that I had control.” Elle says. “This year I lost the battle with myself. I pushed everyone away because hurt people, hurt people. It’s like I bled on everybody who tried to love me.”

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