Kayla DiVenere’s new single is a twist on classic Americana

Kayla’s newest single follows the successful run of her previous releases “Small Talk” and "Date Myself."


Rising star Kayla DiVenere’s newest track “Blue Jean Baby” takes the idea of a classic American love and turns it on its head. The lyrics are a satirical take on the way many people blindly worship American ideology and romanticize history to a degree that skews the reality of it.

“I went into writing ‘Blue Jean Baby’ with the simple concept of a romance for an American boy,” Kayla explains. “But to my surprise, as the writing process began, my idea quickly took a turn for something deeper than the shallow aesthetic of a blue jean type of love. I began to play into the concept of Americana’s negative connotations of wiping history away, along with its nuances of power and fake freedom.”

Girl in denim-heavy outfit poses outdoors in front of a clothesline covered in jeans, right hand over her heart.

Kayla’s new single follows the successful run of her previous releases “Small Talk” and “Date Myself.” The singer has received high praise from publications like Flaunt and Wonderland Magazine, who referred to her as “a dynamic artist whose fusion of classic rock roots and diverse genre exploration has sculpted a uniquely authentic sound.”

Though she began her career in acting, including roles on hit TV shows such as “Law & Order,” “Love Victor,” and “Light as a Feather,” her love for music inspired her to begin songwriting.
Kayla DiVenere posing outdoors with thumbs hooked in her jean pockets.

“Blue Jean Baby” combines dreamy modern pop elements with an old-school rock aesthetic to create a track with both a unique sound and thoughtful commentary. Kayla criticizes the romanticized American dream with lyrics like, “I’ll do whatever that you want just like your soldier, come wipe away what came before you I don’t want her… I see your stars I go blind.” Her clever mixture of cultural criticism with romance and classic rock influence creates a track that’s both easy-going and thought provoking.

Listen to “Blue Jean Baby” here!

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