On Our Radar: Tora Kamanja, B O A, LÉON, James TW, and more


Bored of your iTunes library? Think about refreshing it with these new songs you NEED on your radar.

Tora Kamanja – ‘Shower Song’

Tora Kamanja is a Saudi born singer-songwriter with soul running deep through his vocals. ‘Shower Song’ which is his first official release through Metropolis, Adele’s preferred recording habitat, showcases his laid back, yet concise talents. Speaking about ‘Shower Song’ Tora explains it’s about, ‘the butterflies/fireworks phase of a relationship… A feeling like you don’t need anything else but that person.’

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B O A – ‘Pharoah’

Hazy melodies intertwined with effortless hooks are abundant in BOA’s third single ‘Pharoah’. After racking up 600,000 audio streams between ‘Holier’ and ‘Right Place Right Time’, B O A are a name that’s being thrown around the industry as one’s to watch. With previous support from BBC Radio 1 and having supported Saint Raymond, it’s an exciting time for the London/Bristol based duo.

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LÉON – ‘Treasure’

You may recognise LÉON after her US TV debut on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where she performed ‘Tired of Talking’. Having not even released her debut EP yet, LÉON has already received praise from Katy Perry and Chloe Grace Moretz. ‘Treasure’ taken from her EP of the same name, showcases LÉON’s raw lyrics, smoky vocals and, firmly cements her as a popstar who’s ready to break all boundaries.

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James TW – ‘Sanctuary’

British singer-songwriter, James TW’s soulful vocals sound like they could literally be poured out like smooth chocolate. Taken from his debut EP, ‘First Impressions’, ‘Sanctuary’ showcases this 18 year olds full talent and potential.

Speaking to Billboard about ‘Sanctuary’ James said, ”Sanctuary’ was written about when we all get too caught up in everyday life, whether it’s school or work, and forget about the things that matter the most. It’s about making time with the person you love to step away from the busy world.’

With the video also comes the announcement of James’ upcoming headline show, on September 7th, at London’s Borderline. Buy tickets here.

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