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With over one million Spotify listeners and after touring with some of the biggest names in the industry already, Xuitcasecity has been dominating charts and has developed an incredibly loyal fanbase. In an exclusive interview with United by Pop, the duo consisting of Mike Gomes and Cam Young opened up about the start of Xuitcasecity, collaborations and more.

How did Xuitcasecity start?

Mike: We worked together for a few years before we actually formed the duo. We were solo artists and would feature each other on our tracks and it got to the point where we decided that it was worth trying to be a duo rather than solo artists. It just happened more naturally.

What can you tell me about the latest single “Lead Me On?”

Cam: We actually recorded that song two years ago and we were in the Hamptons, so it was like around summer time. We were knocking out a bunch of summer type songs and we’ve kind of just had that song in the volt. We always wanted to put it out; we were just waiting for the right time. We wanted to throw out another track just to start the year off with some fire.

Mike: The reasoning behind the song and whatnot is that it was just a really weird time in our lives. When we initially moved to New York and were going back and forth between the Hamptons and Manhattan, it was just this period of time where we were getting more attention from not just women, but everyone in general. It was kind of like the song was about that. We just felt like they were trying to get something out of us. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about women though.

Your sophomore album “Cxty Nights” was released in late 2018. How was it to have that work shared with the general public after working on it for so long?

Cam: It’s a good feeling! It’s just like anytime you put your hard work and effort into something, it’s a really good feeling to have people listen to it and appreciate it. It’s a good feeling anytime we release something new.

Who or what are your musical inspirations that still influence the music you both are creating?

Mike: For me, growing up, the music I listened to was all over the board. Justin Timberlake for me is probably my idol because he’s a well-rounded person. Not just when it comes to music, but in general. He does way more stuff outside of music as well. I grew up on Maroon 5 and the Beatles when I was way younger. My dad played them around the house. I also had a little bit of hip hop, but it was more of the pop-rap stuff. I was never really super into hip hop, but I pretty much listened to every genre growing up. I had a ton of different influences growing up and that’s why, for us, finding our exact sound was never the easiest task because we both like so many genres of music.

Cam: I grew up on hip hop. Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z. My favorite part of rap that I feel like has been lost, recently, is the whole storytelling element. As of recently, my whole inspiration is to just tell stories. I want to give the audience my life and my story. Things that they may not know [or hear] in the music that we have out now.

What types of messages do you want to spread with your most recent or upcoming music?

Cam: I think the songs that we’ve put out have been pretty positive for the most part. There are a couple of songs that are more about heartbreaks and relationships. I think now we are really going to hone in on getting personal with some of the stuff that we go through. I think people really want to feel like they can take this journey with you [the artist] when they’re listening to your music and watching you come up.

Mike: Honestly, it varies so much now. I used to always preach positivity and everything. That’s cool, but there are so many points in my life where I [have] spiralled downwards and had depression. I don’t think every single song that we’re going to release is going to be super positive. I think you have to listen to it and interpret it in your own way. If you can relate to it, then it can be positive to you. To me, being real is more authentic and will grasp your fans better than putting out happy music just to put out happy music.

You have toured with some major people in the industry including Zedd! How have those experiences been and what do you love most about performing on stage?

Cam: I like the total control you have when you’re on stage. People want to wild out and be able to sing your songs and connect with you on a personal level when you’re on stage. You feel some type of high, I guess. That’s the fun part to me. It’s kind of like rewarding. When you’re in the studio and putting in work and then they come out and people learn the words and you get to sing with your fans.

Mike: For me, I think it’s mainly about acceptance, to be honest. I feel like everyone is always looking to make sure that they’re being accepted by society or the people they look up to or whoever it is. When you do see your fans singing the words or a bigger artist listening to your song and they’re vibing out, it’s the reassurance. Even if you think it’s dope, just having that acceptance makes it so much better.

What producers or artists do you hope to work with in the future?

Cam: There are people that everyone wants to work with, but I actually want to work with anyone who’s hot at the moment. Even if they’re not super big yet, we’re just kind of coming up together. To come up with somebody who is also on the come up [rather] then just having a song with a big artist and catapulting and then getting lost in the sauce after that.

Mike: There’s so many insanely talented songwriters and producers that aren’t known [yet] and you would probably get a better vibe from being in the studio with them rather than somebody who is already on. There’s a lot of non-famous talented people out there who I think would be awesome to work with. You just gotta find them!

What do you want new fans to know about Xuitcasecity or if you had a slogan about your duo, what would it be?

Cam: I think our goal with us being a group is that we’re coming from two different cultures. I’m more of the hip hop background and Mike is more on the pop/rock side. For us, anything that has anything to do with unifying people. We’re combining two genres together and making it into one sound. We’re making music that’s going to appeal to the masses rather than one niche crowd.

Mike: I think Cam pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one! I think there is so much negativity and turmoil in our country right now, not even our country, but around the world. Our message would be to let the music speak. Music is a universal language that can literally unify people just because of a sound. That’s incredible to me. No matter how much anger or depression may be going on in the world, there can be a song that can change somebody’s life. I think people need to listen more.

What has been a highlight for you both so far?

Cam: Overall, my highlight is being able to do music for a living and quit that job I was working. To make the music I want to make and make people happy who listen to it. Being able to make music, connect with fans and do this forever. That’s a highlight for me.

Mike: Part of mine would be being able to do music full time. I think that is such a massive step in this industry. Once you can do that, it’s awesome. I feel like everything is stepping stones. There are things that have happened that I am very grateful for, but I feel like there is always something else that I am trying to achieve. This far, I would say being able to do music full time, reaching the Top 40 on the radio, and seeing fans actually sing the words live.

What is coming up next for Xuitcasecity next?

Mike: We are actually going to start the recording process soon for our next project. There is definitely going to be another project soon. We’re also always looking to tour. We have some shows coming up, but we want to get on an actual tour and be able to go to our cities. That’s something else that’s going to be set up. Also, really working on our brand and our content.

Cam: New music videos! New music!

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