Meet the geniuses behind the best One Direction video edits in existence

Louis and Bebe as Sharpay and Ryan is their creation!


What do you do when your fandom’s idols are on hiatus and you’ve got a lot of time to kill? Make amusing edits, of course! If you’re anyone in the 1D fandom, you’ll have definitely seen the Twitter handle @xmalumsbitchx floating around.

Meet the geniuses behind the account, who have left us howling with laughter for days; Victoria and Elise. These two talented video editors have a sense of humour the whole fandom can get behind.

Hey girls! What first got you interested in making video edits?

As kids, we would go to our friends’ houses and make stupid videos and it eventually progressed into a passion of ours! We started making edits around 2014, that’s when we started this account. We saw other people doing it, got inspired, and bam! Here we are.

Your videos have gone pretty viral – do you remember the first one which had a lot of attention and when you were beginning to be recognised as the fans who make epic edits?

Yes! I remember this one amateur fan edit we made of Bryana Holly, a model that dated Ashton Irwin (5SOS member), and she noticed it, retweeted it, and followed us! It was crazy! That was like, the first real edit of ours that went anywhere, it was surreal.

What inspires the different themes of each edit?

We get inspiration from everywhere; whether it’s in the shower, listening to old music or watching tv shows, inspiration can come from anywhere! For example, we were watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ a few weeks ago and we liked one of the songs a couple danced to, so we decided to put it in an edit. Also, inspiration can come from suggestions our followers may give us!

Your recent edit of Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha singing High School Musical was noticed by Ashley Tisdale! How did that feel when she responded?

Everything happened so fast, we literally didn’t expect that edit to go ANYWHERE. When we saw Perez Hilton say something we were like WHOA WHAT IS HAPPENING. Then when we saw Ashley Tisdale respond it was literally like Whoa. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. When our edits get noticed it’s literally the weirdest feeling in the world but it’s so worth it, even if you think the edit is bad. Our life motto is literally “ALWAYS POST THE EDIT” hahahah.

You seem pretty skilled at video editing – is it something you’d like to incorporate into a future career?

We’re actually not that skilled at video editing. We don’t even have the software, we just use multiple apps on our phones. If we had the software, we could probably do a lot better than what we already do. But to answer your question, yes we’d love to pursue a career in something to do with video editing/video production. One of us (Elise) is already in college majoring in Mass Communication, and video production is a part of that. We have so many goals but some of our main goals are to maybe have a successful YouTube channel, work on movies, work on a tv show, edit music videos, make movies, etc.

Have any of the people you’ve made edits of seen your work?

We made an edit of 5SOS and Calum Hood, the bassist of the band, liked it! Dante D’Angelo, a YouTuber, saw a vine of him that we made. Bebe Rexha also saw the same edit Ashley Tisdale saw.

Dunkardashians is amazing! How do you decide which video goes with which audio clip – is there a kind of process or do you watch the cast of Dunkirk and it reminds you of something the Kardashians have said?

THANK YOU. And no. There’s no specific process with the Dunkardashians, haha! We go on YouTube, search through some old/funny/dramatic Kardashian videos, and then download a few interviews the Dunkirk cast have done and we start from there. They can take a while trying to match their mouths with the audio but it almost always comes out funny, if not funnier than what we expect.

What edits can we expect from you in the future?

We don’t have a list of edit ideas like some accounts do. We literally just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. So we don’t even know what to expect! When an idea finally comes, we don’t tell anyone. And we kind of like our followers not knowing exactly what’s coming for them, it’s fun. The only thing you can probably expect is more One Direction edits because we are 1D trash hahaha.

Well, we cannot wait to see more edits! Thanks, girls.

Don’t forget to check out the girls on Twitter and on YouTube for more seriously funny edits.

Featured image source: Zac and Louis

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