Nick Wold from DREAMERS talks true art, tour, and dreams

"Most people who make their true art never get heard, and people who get heard never got to make their true art."


Casually dressed in a stylishly bold multicolored cardigan and white tee, DREAMERS frontman Nick Wold sits down to chat about true art, tour, and the power of dreams.

As he sips his morning coffee, Nick shares where he draws his inspiration, “At this point, I’m in the zone all the time. We called ourselves DREAMERS because I draw a lot of inspiration from songs and dream about music.” He goes on to share how he has always had vivid dreams and has even tried lucid dreaming.

“My mom tells me when I was little, I said I really wanted a saxophone,” he laughs, “I don’t even remember that. So my love for music started way before I could even remember.” He credits his earliest memory of music when he was a child and had a neighbor who was a highly decorated Seattle Symphony violinist, “As a kid, you learn how to write, how to tie your shoe– you learn fundamentals, and she taught me piano. She showed me all the things I could do.” However, this didn’t shape his interest in pursuing music as a career, which didn’t come until later in his teens when he was “depressed” and thinking to himself, “there has to be more than this [life]; there has to be more.”

What do you hope to have accomplished when you look back on your career? “Sounds cliche, but I hope I made some real art and managed to get it in the hands of people. I know how hard it is to make their true art and be marketable. So I hope I could do the most difficult thing, which is to get the real stuff.” It’s refreshing to hear an artist’s view of their craft and the industry. Thousands of artists out there never gain the success of Harry Styles or Lady Gaga, but success isn’t the main focus; it’s being heard and understood. It’s reaching an audience that understands, respects, and appreciates what has been created. Music is a universal language; it’s a gateway into connection and understanding; it’s the bridge to understanding emotions and self-expression. It can heighten and lighten the atmosphere; it’s comforting and powerful.

We’re honored Nick stopped to chat with us as he closes out his first leg of tour. His undeniable love and admiration for his craft are apparent. Talking to an artist with a clear mission statement is always a privilege, and we’re thrilled to see where DREAMERS goes next!

DREAMERS have shared the stage with hit groups like The 1975, Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, to name a few. Now, they’re hitting the road this November as they embark on a co-headline tour with Small Pool.

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