MAX chats about Love Me Less and upcoming shows

Pop superstar MAX is back with new music, including his massively successful recent single 'Love Me Less,' and fans cannot wait to hear what he will release next.


The ‘Lights Down Low’ singer has much more in store for listeners coming later this year, and his supporters remain just as eager to hear new tracks soon. This includes some intimate shows across the United States and new music. In an exclusive interview with United By Pop, MAX opens up about his recent hit single, upcoming music and more.

What has been a highlight of this year for you so far in terms of your music?

A recent highlight was spending my birthday playing new music at Firefly festival with all of my best friends in one farmhouse that we rented for the weekend filled with cows and fresh berries each morning and chickens, eggs, etc!

How did the collaboration for ‘Love Me Less’ come about with Quinn XCII?

Quinn and I had been friendly for a few years. He heard the song through our mutual producers Imad and Roget and texted me asking if he could try a verse on it. The rest is history!

What does that single mean to you and what inspired you to create it?

It’s vulnerable to me. It’s a bit of a love song to insecurities masked in an up-tempo bop of a high energy vibe.

Your smash hit ‘Lights Down Low’ is still being streamed by millions and loved by so many. How does it feel to have a song of yours still continue to touch so many people and be a part of the soundtrack to their lives?

It’s absolutely wonderful! It never gets old. Especially with how special the song is to me. I’m lucky to share music that’s so unique to my own story and having it mean something special to fans fills my entire heart.

Will fans hear any new music before the end of the year?

Oh yeah, baby! So much! Some of the best I’ve ever shared.

In terms of touring, what can your supporters expect from the intimate shows you have planned that are coming up soon?

A high energy [and] massive party in a tiny space. A feeling of pure joy and community. A transformative experience!

In 2020, who would be someone you would love to tour with?

Wow, there are so many people that I am a fan of. I actually wrote a song with Luke Hemmings recently who I’ve been friendly with for years. It turned out to be one of my favorites on the album, so doing a tour with 5SOS would be gnarly.

If you could leave your fans with one message to get them excited about what you’re going to do next, what would it be?

The new music coming soon is everything they’ve grown to love me for, but more importantly, it’s surprising and exciting with some of the new stories and risks we took. And I am unbelievably excited to finally release it all into the world and hear you guys sing these songs back with me every night!

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