Max & Harvey on collaborations and their new EP


With over 1 million followers on Instagram, clinching the title of Favourite Social Music Artist at the Radio Disney Music Awards and being nominated for Social Star at the iHeartRadio Awards 2018; it’s safe to say Max & Harvey are climbing the ladder rapidly. United By Pop spoke to the boys to find out what’s next for the twins.

How did you both get started with music or become interested in creating your own music?

Max: We’ve literally been singing from about the age of three…ever since we could. We started harmonizing in the car! I learned to play the guitar when I was about seven or eight and Harvey’s been playing the drums for quite a while. Ever since we thought it sounded pretty decent, we kept working on it [and our sound] until we sort of created the duo that we are now and [then] took it to social media.

Who were your individual music inspirations growing up or currently?

Harvey: Our main artist inspiration would definitely be Avicii because we’ve been listening to him since [before] we can remember and we love his style. Also, Shawn Mendes as well because he kind of grew through social media, so that’s the path we want to be on. In terms of in general for inspiring us, our dad. He’s a singer, so he inspired us to sing in the first place.

Your new single ‘Trade Hearts’ just recently came out! What can you tell us about that track?

Max: The song is about a past breakup that’s sort of gone down or something like that. It doesn’t have to be about that, but that’s what we had in mind. The person on the other side of the breakup doesn’t know how it feels, so [the other person] wants to trade hearts to show them how it feels. The song is a fun song although the meaning behind it is a bit deeper. We love performing it! It’s a great song and has a pretty funny video too.

Where do you hope to take your music in 2019?

Harvey: We’re working on a lot of different things at the moment. The EP is coming soon! Literally. We are hoping to release a ton of new songs. We are working as much as we can while juggling music with school.

Your song ‘One More Day In Love’ was extremely successful! How was it to receive such positive feedback on that single?

Max: It was really nice to receive the feedback we got. We didn’t expect it to do that well. It was a song we made in the studio ages ago. For the first time ever we went out to LA and thought it would be a bit fun [to write and record]. We wrote it quite quickly. We were definitely working on the writing stage at that point. It was so great to get that amount of likes and comments and support. It was really nice for us.

If you could collaborate with any singer, band, or producer right now, who would it be and why?

Harvey: One person I would really love to collaborate with is Marshmello. I love his style of music and I think working with a DJ would be quite cool for us.

Max: Yeah! I agree with that. People like the Chainsmokers and Khalid. I really like the way he sings. I feel like we could do a pretty cool song with him if it ever came to it.

You guys have a tour coming up soon in Europe! What makes you most excited to get back on the road and perform for your fans?

Max: We love performing! It’s always been our favorite thing ever since we were tiny. It’s a great experience as a whole. Everything [from] traveling to meeting fans and going to new places. [We also like] having a look around the new places and seeing what they’re like too. We’ve never been to the places we’re going to in Germany. It’s going to be a great experience.

What has been a highlight of your career thus far?

Harvey: I would say one of my highlights would be our headlining show in London. For us, that was insane with that amount of people showing up. Also, I would say performing at Nickelodeon’s slime fest was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had because it was just so much fun.

Max: Mine would be performing at Camp Bestival on the Main Stage. That was really cool!

If you could switch places with any singer, who would you choose and why?

Max: I would switch places with either of the Chainsmokers because we see their Instagram and all of the places they go and all of the things they do. They have a pretty extreme and fun life, so I would definitely want to experience that.

Harvey: I would say I actually have two and Max just reminded me [of the other one]! I would actually want to switch places with Matt McGuire, the Chainsmokers’ drummer because I love drumming and I think that it would be really fun to drum at one of their shows. I would also switch places with Jack from AJR because their music is awesome.

Thank you, Max & Harvey, for a lovely interview. Be sure to see them on tour and keep up with their social media for updates.

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