Lauv talks mental health, happiness, and All 4 Nothing

"It's about 50% healing, 50% party," says Lauv, describing his emotions while creating his newest album.


As he prepares to release his new upcoming album, All 4 Nothing, Lauv chats about meditation, mental health, and his journey to happiness.

“It’s about 50% healing, 50% party,” says Lauv (real name Ari Staprans Leff), describing his emotions while creating his newest album.

The “Kids are Born Stars” singer has recently openly discussed his journey to finding a balance of fame and prioritizing his mental health. With the pressure of becoming a popstar practically overnight, Lauv has needed to take much-needed time to regroup and reassess what his definition of happiness looks like.

He speaks earnestly about reconnecting with this inner child and meditation’s role in his healing: “I’ve been doing a lot of, like, existential work, a lot of inner-child and meditating. And that’s helped me realize I’m okay with myself as a person no matter what.”

In 2019, Lauv started the Blue Boy Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on creating a platform to help raise awareness for people struggling with mental health and erasing the stigma of asking for help. His honesty and vulnerability make Lauv’s music so easy and accessible. He promises that All 4 Nothing is the same pop dream music that is so distinctly his own but lyrically a story about his struggle with finding “who I am… I realized I had this big dream, and I’m trying to find my inner light and losing touch with my inner self. There’s a positive side and a less positive side to that.”

There is something so refreshing listening to Ari talk about his dreams and his dealings with fame. He is charismatic, open, and optimistic, eager to share his album and learnings with everyone. “Since doing all this inner and mental work, I’ve become afraid of social media,” he explains. “I want to find my way back to that… maybe guided meditations or a podcast?” He giddily ponders the prospect of branching out to other media. We think a Lauv-guided meditation would be the perfect way to start the day — where do we sign up?

Lauv has created a personal and meaningful album, trusting himself more as an artist, allowing himself to express parts of him he didn’t know he had. We’re thrilled to see him be unabashedly himself, all while inspiring us to do the same.

All 4 Nothing is out everywhere on August 5th. Be sure to catch Lauv on tour starting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on August 11th.

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