KiD RAiN discusses his new single Sole Of Your Shoe

The singer takes a more vulnerable and reflective approach with his new song "Sole Of Your Shoe".


KiD RAiN is making a name for himself on the music charts. The singer achieved success with his cover of Counting Crows’ “Accidentally In Love” which gained more than 10 million streams, reached #1 on iTunes and was in the Top 25 on Spotify UK’s Viral Chart. His original song “Magic” landed him a New Noise profile in Wonderland.

Now, the singer has released a new song – “Sole Of Your Shoe” – the most vulnerable song he has released to date. We got the chance to interview KiD RAiN and ask him about his new single, his debut headline show at London’s PowerHaus, plus more.

Hi! How are you? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. First things first, congrats on your debut headline show at London’s PowerHaus. How excited are you?

I’m great thanks!! Feeling unbelievably excited to play my first show and meet all the INCREDIBLE people that have been supporting me over the last 18 months. It’s gonna be a party!!! And we just took delivery of loads of t-shirts we’ll be giving out for free to anyone wearing dungarees 😂 If you know you know

Sending another congrats your way on your single “Sole Of Your Shoe.” How did this song come about?

Eyyyy thank you! This is a special one, my first proper original ballad. It’s going to get a lot of people in the feels I think. I’d just finished off a writing session with Mitch Jones writing my previous single Magic and we thought we’d switch it up and write something super emotive. I’d had this lyric for ages:

“I’m one loss away from being a loser
I’m one drink away from being a drunk
and I’m one no away from being the dirt on the sole of your shoe, but at least, then I’d be close to you”

So we built a song around it and I’m so proud with how it turned out.

How was it working with Mitch Jones on your new song? Someone who has worked with Ed Sheeran, Tom Misch, and Mahalia.

Mitch is a total legend and brings a wealth of musicality and maturity into a writing session. We vibe so much together and I think it’s the start of a really special relationship. He approaches production and melody in a slightly different way to me so when you combine us both it feels really synergistic.

Without a doubt, “Sole Of Your Shoe” is one that feels very vulnerable lyrically. At the same time, it’s one that is simple (love the piano) but that’s what makes it so good. Did you always know that you wanted this song to take that direction? If so, what do you hope your fans take away from this song?

I’m really glad you picked up on this. Some songs are about the melody, the beat, or the production. This song is (and always has been) about the message and the lyrics. So it felt wrong to do anything that would take away from that. When people listen for the first time, I want them to listen to the lyrics and have nothing take away from that. I hope my fans see a new side to me with this song, something more honest (I didn’t think that was even possible haha!)

Aesthetically, there’s something about just sitting down at a piano and singing that always makes for a good music video. What was it like to work with Josh Hill and did you both collaborate on the vision for the video?

The song is so vulnerable and bare that I wanted the video to not detract from that, but reflect the simplicity of what it is. Just something really classy. So I found a recording studio in a church in Leeds called The Nave and asked Josh if he’d be up for shooting it for me. We’ve been friends for years and I knew he’d be able to deliver something that looked exactly how I wanted.

Last but not least, can we expect more new music in the future?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I have so much music I can’t wait to share with everyone, this is just the beginning. I just hope everyone wants to come along for the ride.

Stream KiD RAiN’s new single “Sole Of Your Shoe” here.

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