Heather Brave on the music industry, favorite artists, and her upcoming EP


Heather Brave, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from New York, is a star on the rise with an already catchy and successful debut single, ‘Like a Wave’.

Her relatable lyrics and humble personality are just the right connection for success. Brave’s experiences in the music industry began at just 15 years old, although she first performed on stage at age three. Through her songwriting, Brave has found a way to tell stories and naturally express herself through sound.

In an interview with Heather Brave, she opened up about her experiences in the competitive music industry, some of her favorite artists and her upcoming EP.

What are some of your first experiences with music and songwriting?

I remember playing the guitar for the first time. I would listen to the Shins and look up chords to their songs so that I could play them. I did the same thing with the Lumineers.

You’re working on an EP right now. How has that process been?

It’s been busy, but I love it. I’ve been meeting new people, rehearsing with my band and writing a lot lately. It’s a lot of practising and recording. It’s great because you can do music everywhere. Even in your bathtub! I’ve written a lot of my best songs in my bathtub. I love writing when my mind is clear. Music overwhelms me every day in a very natural fluid way.

Would you say the EP is based on a lot of your more current experiences?

All of the songs on the EP have been written within the last year and a half I would say. A lot happened in that year and a half or so. I was writing in the middle of organized chaos. It’s about the greater tone of my life. It’s about claiming control and being the boss of my own life. The EP explores the strengths you find in yourself, taking control and defying expectation.

What else can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

It will be out by the end of this (coming) summer. The name is still in the works, but I have a few ideas.

Image Credit: Meredith Traux

Other than music, what else have you been into recently?

Soul Cycle! I have an obsession with Soul Cycle. I also really like the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’. I’ve seen it twice.

What advice would you give to other girls trying to pursue a career like yours?

Patience. Immense patience. Also, there’s something important about listening to your gut.

What can you tell us about your single ‘Like a Wave’?

It’s my debut single about meeting a guy and knowing there was a deeper feeling there. It’s the first song I released. I usually play it towards the end of my set and there’s lots of excitement because people know that song the most.

What have you learned from your experiences in the industry so far?

If you are self-aware and patient, it’s going to pay off. I’ve had to put trust in the universe. Putting trust in what happens makes everything easier.

Who are you dreaming about going on tour with in the future?

Jon Bellion because he has his own sound and his approach is unconventional. Also, BORNS because he’s amazing and I’m obsessed with his cover of ‘Benny and the Jets’.

What are some of your dream collaborations?

Lianne La Havas because ‘Say a Little Prayer’ is mystical. Also, Charlie Puth because I think his writing is sick. I (also) think Rita Ora and Troye Sivan would be amazing too.

Do you still enjoy playing covers for audiences?

Yes! There’s something exciting about covering songs that are unpredictable. Especially, songs people forget about. I love when the audience gets involved and knows all of the words.

What can you tell your fans who are desperate to hear your new music and the EP?

I’m eager to share the new songs with you (the fans)! The sound has been consistent from the beginning. I love high energy songs, but the EP has other flavors in it as well. I want to encourage patience. The EP is what I have always wanted to do with music.

What is something fans may not know about you?

I’m allergic to shellfish and peanuts. It impacts my life in so many ways, but it (allergies) encourages people to use their voice when they’re uncomfortable. This filters into music. You’re the only person that’s going to take control.

Lastly, who is one female in the industry you have been inspired by recently?

I would say, Camila Cabello. I went to the Grammys this year and really liked that she talked about her past. I admire her because she is not dismissive of who she is. She’s using her platform for good.

Image Credits: Meredith Traux

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