Emily Warren talks her debut album, winning a Grammy and inspirations

Emily Warren, popular singer and songwriter, opened up about the truth behind her album, writing for other famous artists and more.


Emily Warren is the genius behind many of the masterpieces we hear on the radio constantly. She’s both an established singer and songwriter in the music industry and knows exactly how to make people fall in love with the music she creates instantly. Her talent is effortless in the most humble and genuine way possible. Between ‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa and winning a Grammy for ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by the Chainsmokers, this artist is one to look out and keep an eye on at all times.

Warren spoke to United by Pop about her career, the process behind writing a song and more.

Congratulations on your new album ‘Quiet Your Mind!’ What can you tell me about that project and work of art as a whole?

It was kind of a long time coming. I was sitting on a couple of the songs for a little while and I’ve kind of been behind the scenes writing with and [for] other people and I’ve been doing that for a long time which I love. It was time for me to tell my own story and it’s been really awesome sharing that and seeing peoples reactions.

Did this project take years in the making or a standard few months?

A few of the songs, ‘Just Click’ and ‘Not Ready To Dance,’ are songs that I had written back before I thought I was going to put an album out. It was when I was writing for other people. Whenever someone was interested in them [the two songs] or wanted to cut them, I was super resistant and that was made me realize I needed to make my own album. The past year or so is when we started setting time aside to work with some of my favorite people and write specifically for my project.

The focus song off of the album is ‘The Point.’ What makes that song stand out from the others on the album?

I think, first and foremost, that was sonically the first time we figured out what everything would sound like [on the album] because I think writing the songs is what comes naturally to me. [It was like] That was my sound and sounds different than what I write for other people. What supports the songs was really the challenge. It [‘The Point’] was kind of the template for the rest of the album.

Who or what inspired the album as a whole or some of the songs on it?

My boyfriend at the time. Pretty much every song is about him and he did a lot of the production on it. It’s very much centered around that. I’m inspired by a lot of the music that’s happening now and also John Mayer, the Beatles and a lot of 60’s music. Also, old school Ella Fitzgerald.

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QUIET YOUR MIND: an album about love; wanting love, fearing love, finding, learning, living in and losing love. about feeling so sure about something you write a song about it and waking up the next morning with an opposing thought in your mind—a thought so loud you can’t quiet it no matter what you try. so you let it out, you hold it in the light, you let it move across the room, pierce through your relationships, color your perspective and then you see what sticks, what bounces back. i’ve learned a lot while making this album, about myself and the people around me, and i continue to learn even as i’m listening through now that it’s out in the world. i don’t have any clue what is right or wrong, but i’ve tried to be as honest and as open with myself as possible as i attempt to figure it out—and here’s what i came up with. endless thanks to the brilliant and loving group of people who inspire me, push me, and helped me take this to the finish line. and thanks to YOU, if you’re reading this, for the support and love. I give you QUIET YOUR MIND. she’s yours now :’)

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You had a huge hit in the summer with the Chainsmokers called ‘Side Effects!’ How was it to work with them again after ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and see the response of so much love for the song?

It’s been awesome. I’ve done a bunch of stuff with them and this is the first thing that has been a single with my voice on it that actually went to radio. That’s been pretty amazing. You can’t even describe the feeling when you hear your own voice on the radio. They’re awesome to work with and we’re homies now, so it’s been fun performing and chilling with them. It’s been great. It’s good to have successes with people your friends with because then it’s fun to celebrate.

Speaking of hits, you have written arguably some of the biggest hits of the past decade! This, of course, includes Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by the Chainsmokers. What is the songwriting process like for you?

It’s amazing. For me, when I first started out, I had a band and part of the problem was that everything was not cohesive. The past few years [has been] me getting to dip into all of the music that I like and most importantly, help artists tell their story and get their message out. It’s trying to get it to a place where it’s relatable and people will sing along to and want to hear it. It’s been an awesome experience. The actual process of writing the songs and getting to know people and ask them questions to get lyrics out of [the conversation] is kind of my favorite part of it. The successes of the songs are really just the icing on the cake.

You have worked with so many talented bands and artist, but who do you want to write for or work with in the future?

Rihanna. I always say Rihanna. I’m waiting for her to hear me say it. Her voice is amazing. Part of why I love her is that whatever she puts out is not what you would expect her to do. I feel like that would be a fun challenge almost.


What would you say is your favorite or one of your favorite songs on the album?

My favorite song is probably ‘Not Ready To Dance’ because it’s the oldest and I’m really proud of the lyrics. There’s a lot of storytelling in that one.

You won a Grammy back in 2016 which is a huge deal! Congratulations on winning that for ‘Don’t Let Me Down!’ How was that experience?

Thank you! That’s like everyone, who makes music, like kind of big dream. It was for the first song [I wrote] that did really well like that and it was so completely surreal. I’m still not over it.

The album art for ‘Quiet Your Mind’ is so unique! Where did it come from and how was it chosen?

That’s a picture of me when I was four years old! My aunt and mom always said that had to be my album cover if and when I ever put out an album. I was just following orders!


What do you like to do when you aren’t working on music and have free time?

A lot of things. I like to travel and explore. I love to meet people and I really love to read! I’m an avid reader.  

What can fans look forward to in either the near or distant future?

There’s a music video coming out for ‘The Point’ very soon and we’re probably going to make a few more. Right now, I have a New York show and an L.A. show, but there’s definitely a possibility we are going to add some more.

What are your goals of aspirations for 2019?

I think, in a lot of ways, a lot of the same. I’m still going to keep writing with other people and am still going to make my own music. Also, hopefully, expand to other areas. I’m going to do some stuff with film and tv, so just [to] keep moving forward.

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