Crush on his new third full album wonderego

After a career of 10 years, Crush unveils more about himself in his third full album wonderego


After 4 years, South-Korean singer Crush has returned with his third full album, wonderego, following his latest release in 2019 From Midnight To Sunrise. In wonderego, the singer bares his soul, sharing a level of honesty about his experiences and emotions that marks a significant milestone in Crush’s decade-long career. We had some time to chat with the singer, where he unveils more about his wonderego.

Credit: P Nation
Credit: P Nation

Huge thank you for your time to have a chat with us and congratulations on the release of your newest album wonderego. Does it have a connection to your latest album From Midnight To Sunrise or would you say it’s completely different?

I believe all my works are organically connected. This album can be taken as a continuation of my second full album, From Midnight To Sunrise, but it also carries different stories. While the second full album is filled with more autobiographic stories like a diary, the third full album wonderego talks about my experiences and emotions so far, on top of personal stories.

How do you approach your storytelling whilst making a new album?
Usually, I think of what story and message I want to convey through an album. Sometimes music comes first then the story comes second, and sometimes it’s vice versa. Therefore, my work process can differentiate from time to time, but ultimately my main focus is what kind of story I want to tell with each song.

You’re more open than ever on wonderego. How does it feel to share those feelings with the world? Is it not scary for you?
I think the person who can best understand the artist ‘Crush’ and produce that artist is myself. That is why it seems natural to share honest emotions and thoughts, and I would say I feel more excited than scared or nervous.

How do you hope people will experience this album?
I recommend listening from the first track to the 19th track in chronological order. I’m sure you’ll be able to sense the true value of this album.

Do you have one song in particular that was fun to create? Why?
I remember working on “SHE.” I finished writing lyrics and recording in a short period of time and decided to include this song in the album at the last minute. I’m very satisfied with the decision to include this track because I think it helps convey my message through this album better.

Could you tell us a bit more about the concept of your music video of ‘Hmm-cheat’?
“Hmm-cheat” was inspired by music from the 2000s, so there are hip-hop and dance elements in this song. I wanted to accentuate rhythm and liveliness from its music video. In order to achieve that, we filmed the music video with the exact timing for each cut, and I’m sure you’ll be able to feel the song’s excitement just by watching the music video.

You also got collaborations with PENOMECO, Dynamicduo, AMAKA, Kim Ximya, and LeeHi. How was it for you to work with them?
I worked with artists who have unique colors in different genres and fields, and it was a great joy for me as well because they truly helped my music to shine better.

Your music generally has gained a lot of recognition. How does it feel to have fans from all over the world to connect with your music?
Because they love and resonate with my music which is very precious to me, I am able to make albums and promote my music. I was able to complete this album with huge support from fans even afar. Thank you always, and I love you!

Now that wonderego is out… Is there anything you’re envisioning for in the future?
This album reminded my goal to continue music for a long time, which was my initial goal when I started music. As long as there are fans who love my music, I hope to continue sharing various sides in the future.

We want to thank Crush for his time with us! Dive into Crush’s world by streaming wonderego right here:

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