Rising star Ashley Kutcher chats about her new single

Ashley Kutcher chats with us about her brand new single that’s just been released called ‘Nothing’s All The Time’.


Ashley Kutcher is a rising star to keep your eyes peeled for and she has proved this once again with her recent release ‘Nothing’s All The Time’. The Baltimore native singer-songwriter has already had a smash hit with her previous single ‘Love You More’, it has gone viral on TikTok and gained the young star a huge social media following, she has over 20 million views on TikTok and has amassed over 20 million streams.

‘Love You More’ has gained over 3 million streams on Spotify since its release and ‘Nothing’s All The Time’ is tipped for the same amount of success. Her new release is an acoustic incredible masterpiece with rather personal lyrics. It is a wonderfully catchy song and has you humming it all day long, trust me!

We had a catch up with Ashley to talk about her recent viral success and her magnificent new single.

The first song you released in 2022 was ‘Love You More’. The ballad has amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify! Was this the reaction you expected to new music?
After my EP, I figured out my sound and what music I love releasing. “Love You More” was a song that checked all the boxes of what I want my sound to be as an artist, so I knew I wanted to release it. I was so proud of this song and the fact that others loved it as much as I did was so crazy.

‘Love You More’ has also done incredibly well on TikTok. Do you think that TikTok has evolved how music becomes popular?
I definitely think TikTok has become my main platform for sharing my music. It has helped me grow an audience I never thought I’d have and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Earlier this year, your two first headline gigs were sell-outs! How did you feel about that? Are you planning more shows in the future?
I was shocked when my shows sold out. I was so excited to play these shows because I’m a huge fan of live music. I grew up going to shows and playing my own gigs at bars and restaurants. To perform my own music for people who knew every word was a surreal experience that I can’t wait to do again.

Your new track is called ‘Nothing’s All The Time’ and it looks to be just as successful as ‘Love You More’. Are you excited about releasing it?
I’m so excited to be releasing “Nothing’s All The Time”. I wrote this song with the same co-writer and producer as “Love You More”, so you’ll definitely hear some similarities. This song also takes a lighter and upbeat turn.

The lyrics seem to be quite personal, what message did you want to get across with this song?
“Nothing’s All The Time” is about how the good and bad times can feel so permanent when they’re happening. The theme of the song is to remind yourself that no feeling can be all the time. Realizing that is when you can accept the bad times and appreciate the good ones.

What else can your fans expect from you this year?
I plan on releasing many more songs as I finish writing my debut album! I also hope to be traveling to more cities to play more shows. I can’t wait!

We will certainly be keeping an eye out for Ashley’s debut album as it’s sure to be amazing, just like ‘Nothing’s All The Time’! You can stream or download her brand new single here. Or watch the music video down below.

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