Alice D releases latest single Nervous

Rising star Alice D has chatted to us following her latest release for brand new single ‘Nervous’.


Alice D has certainly been making a stamp on the music industry recently and has just released another brand new single. ‘Nervous’ is a teaser for Alice’s fans as she is also set to release her fourth EP, Into The Light, next month.

After being praised for her previous single, ‘Passion’, by Wonderland and FAULT as well as being featured on BBC Introducing Spotlight Artist, ‘Nervous’ is set to be a hit for Alice D. Alice’s new song, that she wrote herself and was produced by Tim Block, features catchy African rhythms with a touch of RnB and pop.

I caught up briefly with Alice following her single’s release and the future is looking extremely bright for the talented musician.

Hi Alice! Firstly, congrats on your new single ‘Nervous’? How did you feel about releasing the song? Did it get the reaction you wanted?

Thanks so much! I’ve had the track on my phone for so long, it’s amazing playing it on Spotify now knowing that others are listening too. The response so far has been great and the most positive feedback I’ve had for both singles.

Have you been sat on the song long?

I started work on it last August, so a year!

What exactly is ‘Nervous’ about?

I wrote the song for strong confident women who are seen as difficult for having an opinion or speaking their mind. The song also opens up to those who feel ostracised from society for simply being themselves. It’s a song predominantly about freedom to be who we want to be.

The music video is so good and feels quite intimate. What exactly did you want to convey when filming it?

Thank you, I initially was only going to shoot a visualiser, so no singing to camera but we thought that having this direct approach to camera would work well with the message of the song. Being alone in a field created this sense of freedom. I wanted to have shots of me running as one of my lyrics is “are you running away from yourself?” as people are often fearful of difference. Red is a powerful colour and symbolises action, confidence and courage.

This follows exciting news about your EP landing this September. Are you excited to share Into The Light with your fans?

Yes! I’ve worked so hard on this EP and grown as a person and artist in the process too – I hope people connect and resonate with it as much as I do.

This will be your fourth EP you’ve released. Did the process creating this EP differ from making your first one?

My debut EP was released back in 2018 and since then my music has totally evolved. I still keep elements of RnB across my releases but I’ve been exploring different genres and music from around the world. My last EP Where The Wildflowers Grow was the first time I started to explore Flamenco and Bossa Nova sounds. For Into the Light I expanded on that and really made sure that the music, songwriting, visuals and artwork all tied together- this is my biggest project to date.

Wonderland, FAULT and BBC Introducing Spotlight Artist all featured you with your previous single ‘Passion’. Did you expect that? How did it feel to be featured by such prestige outlets?

It’s a great feeling to be recognised as you never know how something will be received. It feels an even bigger accomplishment when you’re an independent artist doing this all yourself!

As well as your fourth EP, Into The Light, being released later this year, is there anything else that your fans can look forward to?

The EP and 3rd single will be the main focus but I’m hoping to start doing some live shows and get a band together. A support slot for an artist is next on the list!

Imagine how exciting it would be to see Alice supporting a major artist on tour, I can fully see it happening in the very near future! To keep updated with Alice’s music and what she is up to, you can follow her Instagram here.

You can listen to ‘Nervous’ here.

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