INTERVIEW: Amy Guess wants listeners to “feel a connection to their own romance”


We met with Amy Guess, a Las Vegas-born singer/songwriter who’s been working in the music industry since she was 15. She’s penned hundreds of songs for herself and other artists and released her first album in 2012. Amy enjoys social media just as much as the rest of us, boasting an impressive following on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, and YouTube. See what she had to say about music, social media, makeup, and her newest single ’10 Times Out of 10′.



How would you describe the sound of your new single “10 Times Out Of 10” to someone who’s never heard it?


It’s a synth pop flashback oozing them 80’s feels.


What was the inspiration behind “10 Times Out Of 10?”


It’s about the one I love, the one that’s had me head over heals since day one, in the good times and the bad. It’s about how maybe unperfect a love story can be, but how perfect it can be to the ones in it.


What do you want listeners to feel when they listen to “10 Times Out Of 10?”


I hope they feel a connection to their own romance and love stories.


You’ve written over 100 songs in the past 2 years. Are they all finished? How do you choose which ones make it onto your album(s)?


Yep most all of the songs are finished, some are for other artists and projects, the ones that are for my album I narrow down by how much I love the song itself and it’s story, after that based on it’s feel and how well the songs all fit together.


We saw you’re really active on social media. What do you like the most about Twitter? Instagram?


I love how casual twitter is, saying whatever, whenever haha. pretty great. It’s really close and conversational with fans and I love that. Instagram is probably my fave, I love tooling around on there, so much creativity and awesomeness to stumble onto and be inspired by, and it’s fantastic for connecting with people and fans.


It looks like besides music, makeup is a really big passion of yours. Can you tell us more about that?


Yeah it is. I love it. I’ve been all about it from the first black eyeliner I got my paws on as a girl. I have two older sisters so I was begging hard to get to play with all that glittery, colorful, stardust magic and so when I finally got my chance the addiction hit hard. It’s relaxing and fun to just chill, get creative and paint face.


What advice would you give your 15 year old self who’s just starting to get into music?


Get ready for a crazy ride. Work hard, really hustle, observe people you admire closely, believe in yourself, don’t quit.


Where can fans see and hear you in the near future?


I’m all over social media, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. Hit me up! I love to chat, I love to hear from you guys, it never fails to make my day. As far as shows I’m working on getting a bunch going for you and really look forward to seeing you guys in the flesh!


You can buy Amy’s newest single ’10 Times Out of 10′ on iTunes here.

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