Five pieces of amazingly bizarre popstar merchandise


If you’re anything like us at United By Pop, you look forward to buying your favourite artists’ tour merchandise as much as watching the artist perform. The more unique the merchandise, the better, right? That’s why I’ve put together this list of the most amazingly bizarre popstar merchandise. Take note, faves… or maybe don’t.


Miley Cyrus Rolling Papers


Of course Miley Cyrus has produced her own rolling papers… The Bangerz rolling papers were sold on Miley’s 2014 tour of the same name. The $65 pack of papers included two edible 24-carat gold leaf papers and ten sheets of hemp papers.




Tenacious D Cum Rag


Yep, you read that right. Jack Black and Kyle Gass are making sure that their fans have the best wank possible with this slightly disturbing cum rag. Detailed with butterflies, a unicorn and rainbow, the item is the size of a golf towel, apparently… we definitely don’t have one.


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 17.58.03


JLS Condoms


Not exactly merchandise but keeping with the subject of sex, British boyband JLS teamed up with contraception company Durex in 2010 to release their own line of condoms named ‘Just Love Safe’. The endorsement saw a rise (haha) in the sales of contraceptives, well done lads.


jsl condoms


Kelis Festival Tent


Kelis released her very own tent (?!) in 2014 to promote her album ‘Food’. The tent is apparently “built to withstand extreme weather conditions to the same high specifications of an expedition tent.” We hope it’s as good as it sounds because it costs a hefty £295.




Daft Punk Yoyo


If you’re looking for an overpriced yoyo to play with during these long summer days then Daft Punk have you covered. It might cost £18 but it does promise hours of fun. It might not be a tent or cumrag but it’s still unique.


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 18.09.10


Have I missed anything off the list? And no, we’re not including THAT Rammstein box set. Drop us a line over on Facebook or Twitter.

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