Fickle Friends release new song ‘Alone’

Fickle Friends give fans another taste to their upcoming album.


Fickle Friends has released another new tune and this time it’s with their song “Alone” — one that’s filled with shimmery synth and colorful harmonies.

Just this September, the band had shared their single “Love You To Death” which captured a Prince-esque sound. But this time around “Alone” is the complete opposite and captures that all familiar alt-pop sound.

“Conceptually it’s about wanting to trap all of your friends in your house and throw a big party and never let them leave,” said vocalist Natti Shiner. “The lockdown aftershocks were getting to us that day and I just thought, I never wanna feel alone ever again.”

Aside from their new song, Fickle Friends are also embarking on a headline tour which will begin in January, and tickets are available.

With just a few more months left for 2021, in 2022, Fickle Friends will without a doubt be bringing an exciting collection of sounds to the new year.

Listen to Fickle Friends’ new song “Alone” here.

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