Terry Tome is Harry Styles’ secret TikTok account…or is it?

Some fans seem to think so, let’s investigate!


It’s no news that the One Direction fandom thrives on conspiracy theories, and the latest one Harry Styles fans came up with is about his supposedly secret TikTok account they think they found.

The account involved is @terrytome, who posts covers of Harry’s songs played by an Otamatone, an electronic musical synthesizer shaped like a cute music note. Uploaded on June 30, the first video was a great version of ‘Falling’, followed by ‘Golden’, ‘Kiwi’ and many others; never staying inactive for more than three days, Terry has also posted some 1D covers to celebrate the 10th anniversary and even a cover of Niall Horan’s ‘Nice to Meet Ya’. The account got a lot of attention, quickly becoming very popular.


And that’s when fans also started to notice many interesting ambiguous elements and speculate. For example, why does Terry wear gloves while holding their instrument in every video, even though they are filmed indoors?

Of course, they asked in the comments and their reply stated that they have “very recognizable hands”. Could it be because of some distinctive hand tattoo? Much to think about.

“Me tryna look in the screen to see if it’s secretly Harry: 👁️👄👁️” someone commented referring to the reflective laptop screen shown in a clip.

The situation got worse when Terry covered Harry’s ‘Medicine’.An unreleased track, ‘Medicine’ has only performed live but never released as a studio version (because, despite preaching TPWK, he loves torturing us). Yet Terry seems to have a very official-sounding recording.

When a fan pointed it out, commenting, “Wait you have a studio version of the instrumental :O,” Terry replied, “🎼 I- no. No I don’t.😳”


Also, in a snippet of one of their next covers, you can hear the instrumental version of ‘Anna’, another unreleased song by our Harold. The mystery deepens.

Anyways, more and more people have grown attached to this talented user and keep leaving great feedback and praising their work in the comments no matter who is actually behind it.

Thanks to the growing popularity, Terry also joined Twitter where he even shaded the Reason Being account – some people thought One Direction was going to rebrand changing their name and that would be their new official account – for posting one of their videos without any credit. In doing so, they basically managed to mess up two conspiracy theories at the same time… heart ❤️ been broke 💔 so many times ⏰!

P. S. The tweet got deleted later on. Do whatever you want with this information.

So, what do you all think? Did fans just find out Harry Styles’ new hobby – he keeps posting even while traveling to Italy, that’s dedication – or is Terry Tome just a smart dude who enjoys trolling everyone? Let us know!
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