Get to know “Helping Hand With Tae,” ARMY’s fundraiser for V’s birthday

For Kim Taehyung's birthday ARMY is helping providing prostheses for people around the globe.


Another great cause is receiving ARMY’s love and attention days before Taehyung’s 25th birthday. In a five day fundraiser, they expect to raise a great amount of money to help LN4 Hand Project, an organization that manufactures prosthetic hands and donate to people all over the world.

One In An ARMY is BTS’s fanbase philanthropic initiative that has organized 35 fundraisings and assisted other 7 inspired by the strength and greatness of the fandom that is willing to give and make an impact in other people’s lives.

Every project is previously voted and decided by ARMY then One In An ARMY is responsible to find the organization that fits the cause chosen by them. “Special Needs” was the cause voted by ARMY to be supported for Taehyung’s birthday fundraising.

The LN4 Hand Project is an amazing cause that works in order to provide people from any socioeconomic background free access to prosthetic hands, giving those people the independence they need to find a job or do daily life activities. The project has developed a low-cost prosthetic hand that is light, durable and functional and, with the help of volunteers around the globe, they are able to distribute it to those who need but can’t afford prostheses that are extremely pricey.

#HelpingHandWithTae is doing more than just raising money. One In An Army is using their platform and the fundraising to set discussions about the topic and create awareness among ARMYs. Also with daily updates, the contributors can see how their donation is reaching those who are helped by the Project.

Little by little BTS and ARMY are helping to create a better world with small actions of kindness to many who need to seen, heard and loved.

You can donate here to help the LN4 Hand Project.

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