This Harry Styles fan account’s birthday gift to Harry is as thoughtful as the man himself

Harries came together to wish Harry Styles happy birthday in such a special way


Harry Styles is universally loved by his friends, family, and, of course, his fans! While many are posting throwback photos and baking cakes in his honor, fan update account Harry Styles Daily (HSD) has taken it a step further to celebrate the birth of our favorite Brit.


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HSD put together a website that generates a variety of different birthday messages, similar to the “Do You Know Who You Are” website that’s updated when Harry has dropped music videos. The fan account reached out to a select number of Harries from around the world to submit their special birthday messages for Harry, which were all featured on the website.

Of course, everyone loved it and shared some of their favorite messages from Harries!

Check out all of the fan birthday messages for Harry here!

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