25 fans’ favorite things about Michael Clifford

To celebrate Michael Clifford's birthday, we asked 25 fans what they love most about the Aussie rockstar.


Today is our favorite Aussie guitarist’s birthday! And in honor of Michael Clifford’s birthday–we’ve asked 25 fans on Twitter their favorite things about him to celebrate–from his musical talent to his generosity, here is what they had to say;

“I really like that he’s always been very open about mental health because as someone who struggles with that it makes me feel less alone. He’s so talented and watching him perform is amazing. He’s really funny and he always makes me smile.”


“I can’t choose just one thing about him, he’s too perfect!
but I love how he closes his eyes when he smiles because his cheeks are too big, and I love his laugh too–he’s the cutest.”


“I honestly don’t know where to start. from his smile to his personality and his everything. Michael Clifford is one of the most amazing people in the world. Whenever I’m sad and I’ll see a picture/video of him, whatever it is, it automatically puts a smile on my face. He is also one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever known. He just puts so much emotion and passion into everything he does. Also, him being himself, that’s what we love about him. He’s carefree and his love for his fans is unbelievable and admiring. He inspired a lot of people. He literally saved a lot of us. He saved me. He is the sun to our dark days, the rainbow to rains, and the light at the end of our tunnel. Honestly, to sum it up we love everything about him and we’re very grateful that he was born in this world.”


“I think my favorite things are how much he helps with his streams or just what he says to his fans. His playing guitar or singing helped a lot of people in mental health. How he communicates his feelings and doesn’t hide it, but tries to help others is beautiful. I can’t describe it because he really is a great man and I could write for hours about how amazing he is and all the great things he’s done.”


“Well obviously there’s a lot to love – but my favorite thing about him is that he makes you feel like a friend! I’ve been a 5sos fan for a long time, and I’ve stanned so many different bands, but they’ve always felt so out of reach. Michael is really down to earth and outspoken on topics like mental health, and rather than feeling like a celebrity he’s more of someone you can rely on when you’re having a bad day. I used to drop everything for his streams and they always made me so happy! He’s the reason I met quite a few of my best friends today and inspired me to try so many new things.”


“Hey, Michael! you really are such a special person. one of my favorite guitarists, vocalists, not to mention streamers as well, you can really do it all. I just want to say a massive thank you for helping me even when you don’t know it. You mean so much to so many people and have made such an impact, that really, I don’t know where I would be without you. You’re such a kind and funny soul, and an all-around amazing person, to the point where it’s almost contagious. you never fail to make my day better and I love to see your smile. It’s been quite the ride since I first found out about you and your band, but it’s been a good one and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. thank you for everything you do and I hope 25 treats you well! keep shining.”


“I love Michael because for the past nine years he’s been one of my biggest role models. He’s taught me how to not take life so seriously and just enjoy every part of it. My favorite thing about Michael is that he truly cares for every person and genuinely wants to help. His heart is full of love and support for everyone. His creativity and emotional expression through music is something I’ve admired about him for so long. His songwriting has gotten me through some really tough years and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him. I truly thank him for saving me and I hope this birthday is beyond special for him and his family. I love you, Michael! Happy 25th!”


“Michael is a very passionate and talented singer and guitarist with bursts of energy you don’t get to see quite often on the stage, apart from him being an amazing performer, he is a wonderful human being. It warms my heart seeing him react the way he does when he meets his fans. He doesn’t treat us like random stans, he treats us like family. We actually mean a lot to him and he makes sure to make us feel appreciative of ourselves–and the way he hugs every single one of his fans is like a burst of sunshine on a cold winter morning”


“Personally, I love how he always tries his best to stay connected with fans. He goes that extra step, for example at the beginning of quarantine he would do twitch streams of him gaming and it gave us another way to connect with him. He’s overall such a funny and positive guy, and he’s a huge inspiration to me. He always has a smile on his face and he is never afraid to be himself. Michael has such a positive outlook on life and I truly adore that, especially during these times.”


“Well, he’s so funny and he always makes me laugh. His voice is just amazing and so is his performance on stage. The way he’s grown as a person is incredible!”


“I’ve been a fan for a while and at the little age of 13 he definitely always made me feel more comfortable in my skin with the way he acts and the way he treats us, and still does today. Love the dude a lot and can’t wait for ‘No Shame’ next year!!”


“Michael is one of my favorite people in the world–he’s so loving and has helped me through a lot. I love seeing him grow, he’s just one of the best humans ever and does not deserve any kind of hate. I just want to thank him for the adorable and amazing person he is and to keep on being the adorable and loving person he is.”


“I don’t even know where to start but I love how he is so passionate about music and he’s such an amazing guitarist and so talented. He’s always trying to interact with his fans through twitch streams and texts which makes everyone’s day so much better. His energy on stage is unmatched and always gives his 100%. He has a great sense of humor and tries to be very relatable with his fans. He also gives the best advice and is very supportive of his fans. He has amazing fashion sense and he can pull off any hair color/outfit/etc.”


“Okay… firstly I’d like to say I love the way he is always positive even though things go wrong, he never stops smiling, this is something I admire the most cause it is really hard seeing the bright-side sometimes. That positivity really inspires me because personally, I’m not positive at all, so seeing someone I love and admire being this way gives me hope and makes me believe in myself. The way he spreads positivity always gives me strength.
I also love the way he cares about the fans, he is super grateful for us and he always shows it in many ways, such as making live streams, tweeting, posting–he is always here for us, which makes us feel safe, loved, and welcomed, and gives us a feeling of belonging to somewhere. I also love the way he thinks–his creativity to write songs, his sense of humor, the way he stands up for important things– the way he cares, not only for us fans but social causes. He is empathetic and is always trying to help; making donations, raising awareness, interacting with others, posting on social media, etc. it moves me a lot and makes me so proud of him.
I love the way he is mentally strong–many people in the fandom struggle mentally, including me. Seeing him overcome these issues makes me believe that I can overcome them too. It gives me hope for my future, knowing what he has been through and seeing him with a huge smile is not only comfortable cause of him but makes people believe in a bright future for themselves.”


“I love the way he laughs, I love his smile, and I just love everything about him. He has saved mine and many others lives so many times.”

“I think what I love about him the most is just that he’s just so strong and brave. He makes me smile every day even though my life has been hard recently and he always tries his best to connect with us. I really appreciate it.”


“My favorite things about him are his voice and his smile–he’s just an incredible person overall.”


“Michael is always spreading so much happiness and he’s always himself. He is very open-minded and has helped me through hard times. I wish him all the best.”


“One of my favorite things about him is that he makes me feel happy by just being himself and how he and of course the rest of the boys saved so many lives through them and their music. I also love how he shows his support through his platform and shows us that he does care about us.”


“My favorite thing about Michael is how much he cares about his fans. He makes a clear effort to communicate with us, he set up the text line and does twitch streams, and he provides a safe space for us.”


“Some of my favorite things about Michael include; his passion, the super cool punk sound of his voice–not to mention that his songwriting skills are killer–how friendly he is, the love he shows for his fans, and his creativity!”


“He’s incredibly funny and sweet and so giving. Obviously, he’s incredibly talented–and his dogs are adorable!”


“Happy birthday Michael! I want to thank you for everything, I’ve been a 5sos fan since about 2013 when one of my friends introduced me to your guys’ music and I’ve been a fan since. You and your band have been some of the only constants I’ve had in my life and I want to thank you for that. I’d also like to thank you for being so open about mental health, this has really helped me more than I think you understand. Have an amazing day you dork, I love you.”


“One of my favorite things about Michael Clifford is the fact that he’s been so open and honest about issues that many of us deal with like mental health. He’s a ray of sunshine and the funniest guy ever. He’s always been such a sweetheart to his fans and I love the constant appreciation he shows us. He’s my favorite guitarist and he inspired me to start playing! I love him so much and I wish I could tell him just how much he means to me.”


“I love how caring and thoughtful he is. He always shows his appreciation and how thankful he is for getting this far in his career. He uses his platform to educate his fans and he’s just overall such a great role model. He’s a literal rockstar and was born to be on stage–I’m so proud of everything he has accomplished.”


Happy Birthday, Michael! We all love and appreciate you more than you know–hope 25 treats you well! What are your favorite things about Michael?

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