Concert Etiquette Guide: How to make the best of live shows

Our four-step guide to make the best out of concerts


Concerts are magical places where we can make the best memories with our favorite artists. You can make every moment count if you follow a few basic rules to make the whole experience more enjoyable for you and others.

We’ve seen some fanbases, such as ARMY and Louies, share a few tips on how to behave during a concert since some unpleasant things happened. So to help spread the awareness, we’re here with a quick guide on concert etiquette.

1. Stay in your assigned seat/area

We know you’ve probably worked hard to get tickets for your fave’s concert and we also know that the seats are important, so trying to respect that is a must. You probably paid a lot of money for your seat/area so you should stick to it.

Aisles are a huge no if you’re in a stadium! It’s really dangerous to sit on the stairs and people might push you while passing by. So again, stay in your assigned seat or area and make sure to enjoy every single moment.

2. Don’t throw things

We know you might want to give the artists some gifts, such as stuffed animals and flowers, they might seem harmless but they could cause an accident, hit others and even worse, hit the artist. Remember when someone threw a shoe at Harry Styles during the Take Me Home Tour?

So please, avoid throwing things on stage. They won’t even keep it, the staff just throw everything away at the end of the show.

3. Hold your signs in front of your face

Signs are definitely worth taking with you to a concert. It can be a beautiful one or a silly one, you can make the artist’s day just by them getting a glimpse of the sign, so it’s more than ok to carry one with you.

Just be careful not to hold it up too high, you might block someone’s view. So even if you have to hold it up, try not to stay the whole concert blocking the view. Our tip is to hold in front of your face, right under your eyes, this way everyone can watch the concert happily.

4. Respect the venue

Remember to take out the trash with you after the concert is done, there’ll probably be a lot of bins on your way out so be patient until you find the nearest one.

Don’t vandalize in any way the venue. The way you act reflects on your favorite artists as well. Also, respect people working in the venue. Sometimes things don’t go as planned but they surely are trying to make it the best experience for you. I know there are some exceptions to this one, but in the end kindness is the best option.

Like we said, a quick guide with just a few basic rules so you and everyone around you can have the time of your lives. At the end of the day we all just want to have the best memories of our faves’ concerts.

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