5 Seconds of Summer fans create a new safe space for LGBTQA+ fans

#PrideSOS is taking over social media — and every stop on the Meet You There Tour this year.


This year marks the return of the Aussie quartet 5 Seconds of Summer, and they’ve come back with a real bang. Not only have they beaten Beyoncé for the No. 1 Billboard spot on release week, become the first Australian band to score three consecutive No. 1’s in the US, and charted No. 1 in their home country for weeks, but they also have a fanbase that wants to do nothing but spread love and acceptance.

A new project, #PrideSOS, has emerged in time for the boys’ Meet You There Tour which kicks off in Japan next month. The aim of the project is to create a network of support and love for 5 Seconds of Summer fans in the LGBTQA+ community.

The project, created and spearheaded by fans, has taken off globally and even received the attention of drummer Ashton Irwin and guitarist Michael Clifford.

When it comes to the project’s inspiration, creator Jazz says, “I was inspired by two of my friends who are 5SOS fans who have had a hard time with their sexuality and seek an escape with the band.

“One of them struggled to find their identity for so long but the whole time they felt safe with 5SOS, like they gave her a reason to love themself and be positive. Another identifies as lesbian and though she is very well-known by both the boys and fans, she is unable to come out to her family because they’re not very accepting. She sees the 5SOS Fam as a second family.

“I’m also demiseuxal, which is a sexuality not everyone is willing to accept, probably because the concept is still so new to society, but the fans were so sweet to me and 5SOS have always promoted the idea to be yourself unapologetically and so they made me feel accepted.

“Seeing 5SOS being confident enough to break gender norms and accepting of the community has inspired a lot of fans to come out and accept themselves for who they are.”


Fans are able to take part in the project in any way they please, from wearing rainbow makeup to hosting a meet-up — there’s no limit. As of right now, #PrideSOS has organized a fan action project for every city on the 2018 tour, which includes stops in Japan, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

There’s also a charity aspect to the project, where merchandise is being sold to benefit various LGBTQA+ charities. Some cities are also hosting raffle and sweepstakes with a 5SOS prize for donations to their local charity.

For more information about #PrideSOS, check out @WeAreQueerSOS on Twitter.

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