10 years ago Lady Gaga released her second studio album Born This Way

"I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way!"


Back in 2008, Lady Gaga became a household name with the release of her debut single ‘Just Dance.’

Becoming a radio and dance club favorite, ‘Just Dance’ peaked at number two on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart. After the release of her debut single, Lady Gaga went on to release singles like ‘Poker Face,’ ‘Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say),’ ‘LoveGame,’ and ‘Paparazzi.’

But it was the 2011 release of her second studio album Born This Way that became not only a commercial success but an album that was purely honest and had many fans resonating with.

The lead single ‘Born This Way’ became an anthem for sexuality, individualism, and equality – all of which are themes expressed throughout the entirety of the album; as well as feminism and freedom.

Her other singles ‘Judas,’ ‘The Edge of Glory,’ and ‘You and I’ all garnered commercial success and showed the singer’s range and creativity. The music videos for each of these songs not only racked in millions of views on YouTube but also had fans praising the singer for creating such memorable visuals.

But the praise for Lady Gaga’s innovation did not end there because it was her fifth single, ‘Marry The Night’ that had the singer directing her own music video but it was one that displayed her journey in music.

Highlighting the lowest and highest points in her career, ‘Marry The Night’ can be seen and heard as an autobiographical piece of work while also showcasing Lady Gaga’s love of couture.

Born This Way not only showed amazing visuals but featured a mix of genres as well. With The Fame, Lady Gaga’s debut album solidified her place not just in pop music but more specifically, dance-pop. But with Born This Way, it showed many in music that the singer can mix themes like rock and roll, heavy metal, disco, and house.

And now, just this week, Little Monsters (as Lady Gaga’s fans are called) everywhere, and the singer as well, celebrated the 10th anniversary of Born This Way.

For many fans of Lady Gaga (myself included) Born This Way was not just an album that one had in their top five, it was one that was deeply personal and important. Collectively, for many fans, this album was one that helped many shape them into the person they are today but also taught them how to truly love themselves.

For ten years now, Born This Way continues to be one of Lady Gaga’s greatest albums ever made and will forever hold a special place in many of her fans’ hearts. It became a source of comfort that many could turn to and remains to do so.

So, here’s to many more years of celebrating Born This Way – an album that preaches self-love and acceptance.

You can stream Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way here.

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