Girls stick together in Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ video

The powerful message behind it all


The British pop singer has made a lasting impression with ‘New Rules’, as clips and pictures of the video circulated all over social media featuring a diverse group of girls, all clad in bathrobes and ready for a slumber party.

Dua Lipa delivers a fresh, new take with her latest work. Lipa sings words of wisdom on how to get over a recent breakup—”Don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone,” she croons and continues to list each rule, something every girl can relate to.

Tweets from stars like Lorde and Zara Larsson praising Lipa have only helped the video skyrocket to over 9 million views.

While the video gives off a fun and colorful vibe with its unique choreography, the message behind it is significant: girls need to stick together. In a society where we tend to thrive on that typical “cat fight” between women, it’s important to remember we’re all we have sometimes.

Women empowerment has become a crucial topic within the past few years—letting young girls know that they can be strong and courageous without the validation of a man by her side. With stronger and bolder depictions of feminism like Lipa’s video, it’s one step closer to a more united community among women.

With the release of her debut album, Lipa has proven herself to be a true pop star—debuting in the top 5 in the UK. As Lipa’s fanbase grows so does her influence on young adults—the importance of her advocacy for women becomes extremely vital. Some would say she’s off to an extraordinary start in music but also as a role model for women of all kinds.

Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album is out now, and she’ll be supporting Bruno Mars on part of his 24K Magic World TourLipa also recently announced a headlining tour throughout Europe and for the UK this fall.

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