Is Demi Lovato joining the likes of Little Mix and Justin Bieber with the latest music trend?

2017 is the year of the Spanish single.


The hottest music trend of the year has definitely been singing in Spanglish—Justin Bieber did it, Little Mix even dabbled in it and now it could be the turn of none other than Demi Lovato.

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In the middle of promoting her new music, Demi popped by BuzzFeed for a quick interview—full of puppies, of course—and answered fan questions. When asked if she’d release a song in Spanish in the future, Demi answered, “You will have to wait and find out, because I recorded something recently that I think you will like.”

For those who have forgotten, Demi has released songs in Spanish in the past, such as ‘Lo Que Soy’ which was the alternative to ‘This Is Me’ from Disney’s ‘Camp Rock,’ as well as ‘Rascacielo’ which was the Spanish version of her hit single ‘Skyscraper’.

How amazing would it be to hear another one? Or a Spanglish collaboration… It’d have to be with Nick Jonas, wouldn’t it? It would be everything.

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You can learn more about the new album in Demi’s most adorable interview ever right below…

Oh, and if you want any of the puppies in the video they’re all available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America.

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