Interview: Daecolm chats about his single, Rihanna and what’s next for him


We get so excited when we get to speak to someone at the beginning of their music career. Recently, we sat down with Daecolm, a multi-talented artist who just premiered his latest single ‘Jungle’ on Wonderland. Below is our little natter.

What inspired you to get into music?

My Dad got me into music. When I was 14, all I wanted to do was play basketball and football with my mates, but my dad I feel was the major part of me being involved in music today.

‘Jungle’ is such a jam. How did it come about?

Well, thank you first of all! The song was actually the first of now about six songs that I’ve collabed with Nathaniel “Detonate” on for my project. It was just a great start to the project, so we also wanted it to be the first song to go out and give everyone a flavour of what’s to come.”

Do you have any other beat drops planned for your new music?

Absolutely, there’s a few more I’m looking to bring out this year and pretty soon too!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

In terms of inspiration and what keeps me going, that would have to be my family. I think seeing them happy for me is more then enough inspiration to keep me going. Musically though, I’ve always enjoyed soul and R&B music. I’m a massive fan of people like Blackstreet, Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and the great MJ.

Has living in different countries influenced your music?

I would definitely say it’s influenced me. I think just being ethnically diverse foremost has made my experience with music more varied for me, and through that I love all types of genres of music. You could easily catch me with a guitar and checked shirt playing around some country melodies and then the next day listening to back-to-back throwback R&B playlists.

Does your sound target a young audience or a more mature one?

I don’t think there necessarily is a target audience, as I want anyone to be able to find something they can relate to in what I put out. I hope it can appeal to the masses, as there are some universal themes and vibes in there! And I always think that good music is good music, regardless of age and background.

Who’s your dream collaboration?

It would have been MJ, but for an artist of today would have to be someone like Bruno Mars or Rihanna. I love their music!

Has it always been your dream to write and perform music?

Since about the age of 14 it’s been a dream of mine. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else since then! And here I am.

Has performing with your dad when you were younger helped you in your journey?

Yes, most definitely, I think having my dad start me off into the industry was one of the best things I could have asked for, as I felt like there was someone there backing and supporting me without any intentions other than just wanting to see me do well and to express myself through my music!

What’s next for you?

Just more music really, and some performances and shows. And generally more creating and collaborations! I’m always in the studio so there’s loads more to come.

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