Who exactly is joining Charlie Puth on his upcoming tour?


Charlie Puth has announced he’s heading out on a US tour this fall and he is bringing some very special guests along with him. Charlie has had one hell of a year with the massive hit ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, climbing the chart week on week and his debut album certified Gold in the US. Of course, in addition to all this, he has a huge upcoming headline tour – what more could anyone want?

Kicking off later this month in Dallas, the ‘Don’t Talk Tour’ will see Charlie joined by Joel Adams and Hailey Knox. So, just who are they?

Joel Adams

Joel is a 19-year-old from Australia who has made a series of popular covers on YouTube including a cover of ‘See You Again’. His track ‘Please Don’t Go’ has been a worldwide hit achieving over 300 million hits on YouTube. It gets even better, though, he actually wrote the track himself and co-produced it with Derek Fuhrmann. A big future is expected, especially with the upcoming exposure in America. This guy is definitely not one to skip and go to the bar – stay in the arena.

Hailey Knox

Hailey has recently released her debut EP ‘A Little Awkward’ to the world which includes the track ‘Awkward’, and it’s clear after even just one listen that her music is pretty much amazing. Just like Joel, she has built her way up posting popular covers on YouTube which have been shared millions of times.

Oh, and Britney follows her on Twitter, what’s not to like?

Tickets for the ‘Don’t Talk Tour’ are now on sale. The tour kicks off on September 26th in Dallas and travels across North America until November 8th where it ends in Los Angeles.

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