INTERVIEW: Catey Shaw’s new single ‘Lovesick Jerk’ was “completely inspired from the title”


Catey Shaw’s single ‘Lovesick Jerk’ reminds us in the best way possible to get the hell out of one-sided relationships. Her sound is a bit deeper and rougher than traditional pop, but with the catchy beat and melody that keeps you hitting replay. We love the way Perez Hilton describes her as “Lily Allen for a younger generation.”


Alone at a party amongst shiny streamers and balloons, Catey looks like an 80’s pop princess in the music video for ‘Lovesick Jerk’. We talked to her about her new EP, the inspiration behind ‘Lovesick Jerk’, as well as her viral song ‘Brooklyn Girls’ from 2014.


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What song off your new EP is your personal favorite and why?


My favorite song kind of switches around depending on my mood. There’s a good variety of emotions in there so it’s good that I can switch around at will what suits the day im having. ‘The Ransom’ makes me feel empowered, for example, while ‘I’d be Laughing’ is better for when I’m a bit more brooding and pessimistic.


You told Popdust, “The songs on [this EP] share a common thread of subject matter, and of meaning to me personally.” Can you share what that common thread is and what it means to you?


The Ransom EP was a kind of awakening for me. I was being brutally honest with myself – forcing myself to own up to my part in the things that made me sad or docile.


Your song ‘Brooklyn Girls’ went viral in 2014. Can you explain what this experience was like?


It was a crazy experience – it really did so much for me. ‘Brooklyn Girls’ is an awesome song about an awesome place. I’m so grateful for all the people who love it!


How different is your new music from ‘Brooklyn Girls?’


As an artist I do have an overall philosophy about writing and a general sound, but each is so different. Writing is a new journey each time.


Where do you find your inspiration for your music?


Pretty much everywhere. Most of the time there’s a title or phrase that jumps things off, then it’s about relating that back to my experiences, and then back again to something that everyone has been through or can relate to.


What specifically inspired ‘Lovesick Jerk?’


Lovesick Jerk is one that was completely inspired from the title. I think we all know what it’s like to feel smothered. Love can become really oppressive if it’s not reciprocated equally.


Where did you get the idea for the music video for ‘Lovesick Jerk’?


Every video is kind on a combination of creative energy and problem solving. It’s figuring out how to do something emotional and still entertaining, all while keeping it beautiful. Bryan Russell Smith and I knew that we wanted to showcase the lyrics of the song and to juxtapose the fun sound with the not so fun message. We raided a couple dollar stores for supplies and shot the video with just the two of us. One camera, one light, on bottle of champagne, a few pre-rolled joints, a whole bunch of colorful props and a hotel room in Denver.



What would you like your fans and new listeners alike to take away from ‘Lovesick Jerk’?


It’s the best to be able to just dance through and laugh off the things I thought were holding me back. It’s a freeing way to be. That’s the takeaway – the only one truly holding you back is you.

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