Camila Cabello reveals what she hopes will be her next single


Ever since flying solo, Camila Cabello has been a very busy bee. She’s set to release her debut solo album later this year and after hearing ‘Crying in the Club’, we’re so excited for her next single! But what could it be? Well, she seems to have her sights set on one song in particular…

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Speaking to Glamour about her new music, she spills what her favourite song from the album is:  “My favourite right now is a song called ‘I’ll Never Be the Same’. It’s about being in love with someone and how it takes over you. I’m hoping it’s the next single.”

Ugh, we can’t wait to hear it! Camila also goes into detail about the album and what it’s about.

“It’s about the past couple of years of my life. I was in a really tough place emotionally and the whole album-making process helped me to deal with my emotions and bring me out of it. Most of the songs are about a friendship, and then a couple are about boys or even situations that I’m observing from afar. I have all of these notes in my phone from me venting or ranting, so I’ll go into the studio and write about it.”

She’s worked with a lot of people,  including the man of the moment Ed Sheeran.

“I love him. We worked together on a track for the album that he wrote with me in mind. I changed the title to ‘The Boy’ and changed some of the lyrics to make it relate to an experience I had gone through. I literally emailed him yesterday because we want to do a Spanish song together.”

A Spanish song! Spanish songs are really popular right now (yes, we’re looking at you, Despacito).

“Ed and I really want to do one together. I’ve asked him to send me guitar ideas that we can start writing to. We’re going to make it happen – it’s going to happen!”

Well, Ed’s love for Barcelona was pretty evident on his latest album, since he named a song after the city and with Mila originally from Cuba and living back and forth both Cuba and Mexico, we think this song could be incredible! If you hurry up now, guys, it could be a bonus track on CC1!

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