BTS release their new Japanese single Film Out

"Film Out" is part of BTS's new Japanese album that comes out in June.


After the huge success of their latest singles “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On”, BTS is back with “Film Out”, a new Japanese single that is part of their upcoming new album THE BEST dropping on June 16.

“Film Out” is an emotional ballad that the group’s youngest member, Jungkook, helped the rock band Back Number compose for a Japanese movie called Signal. ARMY spent the day trending #ProudOfComposerJK to express their feelings towards the singer and the amazing job he’s done with the song.

The lyrics speak of thinking about someone who you can’t erase from your heart even when they’re gone. ARMYs are describing feelings of sadness, pain and comfort as they listen to the song.

ARMYs are also coming up with many theories about the movie video that shows the members disappearing in front of Jin’s eyes. The MV contains a lot of symbology too, about time, mirrors and doors to different dimensions.

Since the release of the teaser, fans have been comparing the “Film Out” video to “Fake Love” and adding it to BTS Universe, a story told through their previous movie videos.

We have no idea which theory is right, but it’s amazing to watch ARMY creating all these theories to unravel BTS’s mysteries!

Watch the “Film Out” music video below:

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