BTS is full of surprises as we wait for the Essential Edition of their latest album BE

We're being spoiled by BTS and no one is complaining.


BTS is bringing the huge success that was their most recent album “BE” back and in a new version. “BE (Essential Edition)” will be released on February 19 and the tracklist includes both of BTS’s number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 charts “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On” – the first song in Korean-language to top the chart.

“BE” was the way BTS found to come to terms with the changes that 2020 brought on the whole world. Unable to go touring and meeting their beloved ARMY, the group had plenty of time and motivation to work on personal tracks that reflected their feelings throughout isolation to deliver a very intimate album.

Now we’re close to reliving all the feelings and expectations, that only a BTS album can cause, with the new physical contents on the Essential Edition.

As a special thanks to the fans, BTS is releasing a few surprises on their social media. It all started with BTS’s Notes, short videos of the members singing a piece of each song in the album while showing the members in their writing process.

“Telepathy” belongs to Suga’s Notes, the song was composed by the rapper and it brings up the connection BTS shares with ARMY. “This is a song for you” – Suga sings in the video.

RM’s Notes is all about the beautiful “Life Goes On”, the song that carries a hopeful message of a future we long for after all these dark days – “As if nothing happened”.

The maknae’s got his own composition in Jungkook’s Notes. Jungkook wrote “Stay” about being distant from ARMY but knowing that despite it, they’ll always stay together. “Like a madman I keep sayin’, wherever you are I know you always stay”.

Jimin took a few minutes to work on the bridge in “Dis-ease” – an old school hip hop song that despite being upbeat reflects the sickness of an artist profession. Jimin’s Notes gives us an idea of how the singer came up with the verses.

The soulful “Blue & Grey” sounds even more beautiful in V’s Notes. This ballad has a very special place in the singer’s heart as it speaks to a delicate moment he went through before turning it into a song. Everything about this video is perfect, from V’s amazing vocals to his cute dog, Yeontan.

“Dis-ease” is back in J-Hope’s Notes. The song is the rapper’s composition and he wrote it having in mind that he could write about unpleasant feelings in a beautiful and cheerful way.

Jin’s Notes show the eldest working on the verses he wrote for “Stay” – “Was it a dream? I think I saw you”. I don’t know if I like better the adorable clip or Jin’s soothing voice.

ARMY didn’t miss the fact that “Fly To My Room” wasn’t in the notes dropped so far, but no track is left behind, Big Hit dropped BTS Notes with the song this Sunday.

Now ARMY is wondering if there’s any new tracks or different surprises in BE Essencial Edition. Let’s wait and see what they’ve got for us until the 19th.

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