Bradley Will Simpson is turning 26! Best wishes from his biggest fans

Lead singer of The Vamps, Brad Simpson, is celebrating turning 26 today.


Bradley Will Simpson, the lead singer of The Vamps, is turning 26 today! Brad started singing for the British band in 2012 after he was scouted on YouTube by lead guitarist James McVey.

Brad started singing on YouTube when he was 16 where he would post covers and original songs. Fast forward a decade later and he is part of one of the UK’s biggest bands and has one of the most loyal fanbases out there.

Speaking of The Vamps’ loyal fans, I gathered a few of The Vamps number one fans and got them to note why they are thankful for Brad, almost like personal birthday messages to him.

Happy birthday to my favourite human! There’s no one that makes me happier and brings more love into my life. I can’t wait to see him happy on tour again because it makes me so happy. Thank you for everything Bradley! I love you so much!
– Freya

Brad means so much to me because his positive energy and beaut smile makes me so happy. The songs he writes along with the rest of the band are filled with meaningful lyrics and they are all bops!
– Emily

I love Bradley because he’s the most comforting person in my life. I’ve had a really bad time in the beginning of 2021. I suffered from anxiety and eating disorders… The only thing that could help me was Bradley saying “keep on breathing just keep on breathing” in glory days. He literally saved my life. I love him so much.
– Claudia

Thank u B for always being there for us, I love u <3
– Yasmin

I really love Bradley will Simpson because he’s my comfort person… He helped me a lot through my bad and worse days… The way he sings and performs is so wonderful. He was born to be on stage. He’s very talented. He is soft to the fans. I admire him. I adore him. His smile is everything and that’s all I need.

Happy birthday Brad, I just wanna say thank you for being there when I needed it the most, and for supporting me, I love you more than anything.
– Monica

These are just a few of the responses I received to help celebrate Brad’s birthday. It definitely goes to show that he (and The Vamps) really does have an amazingly loyal bunch of fans. Happy birthday, Brad, from all of us at United By Pop!

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