The music video for ‘Bones’ by Rebecca Ferguson is beautiful. Here are 4 music videos with amazing storylines


Rebecca Ferguson has released the music video for her brand new music video ‘Bones’ and beautifully portrays the storyline of a couple who were once in love but saw their relationship break apart, leaving it to the viewers’ imagination to decide how it ended.

But Rebecca isn’t the only one to have such stunning cinematography and beautiful storyline. Let’s take a look back at these music videos with moving storylines.

‘Beautiful To Me’ – Olly Murs


In this emotionally beautiful song, the music video follows the story of two best friends as they grow up together. The girl seems to be suffering with self-esteem issues, yet her best guy friend can’t help but see how beautiful she is. Though this isn’t one of Murs’ most popular songs, I think the storyline of this video is bittersweet and really captures the emotions perfectly.

‘She Will Be Loved’ – Maroon 5


In this music video, a lovelorn socialite and her rich and abusive husband share a sad love story where their relationship is juxtaposed by their daughter’s relationship with a young man (otherwise known as lead singer Adam Levine). However, he repeatedly obsesses over his girlfriend’s mother with the understanding despite being rejected by her husband and not-so-easy life is still beautiful, possibly more than his own girlfriend.

‘Because of You’ – Kelly Clarkson


Clarkson wrote the treatment for this iconic single’s music video where she reflected on the pain she felt from her parents’ divorce. The music video sees Kelly and her younger self, hold hands as they relive the painfully troubled childhood memories, including the divorce. When brought back to the present, Clarkson makes up with her husband who she was previously arguing before realising their daughter is watching and head to embrace her. A truly moving video which is highly relatable for a large population of people.

‘The One That Got Away’ – Katy Perry


In the music video for ‘The One That Got Away’, future Katy Perry seems to be in a loveless marriage. While clearly unhappy with her present situation, Katy thinks back to her colourful past where her younger self and boyfriend (Luna) are happy and sharing various memories before they are torn apart, with Katy’s boyfriend being ‘The One That Got Away’ as their love dies. This music video is truly artistic and plays the story out beautifully.

Rebecca Ferguson’s single ‘Bones’ is out now.

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